Under The Oak - Ripped Up By The Roots


Remember When Under The Oak Shook the Norwegian Metal Scene: Thrash Metal with a Dash of Everything Else!

In this edition of "Remember", we transport you back to the heyday of Norwegian metal, where Under The Oak emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Hailing from the land of icy fjords and black metal legends, this Norwegian Thrash Metal band brought a unique twist to the genre, blending elements from various metal genres into their own sonic concoction. Prepare to unleash your inner headbanger as we dive into the world of Under The Oak—where speed, volume, and unrelenting power reign supreme!
Under The Oak - Wrath of Nature
Formed by a group of seasoned musicians, Under The Oak brings together the combined musical prowess of individuals who have been carving their names into the annals of Norwegian music for over 25 years. Drawing inspiration from the Norwegian Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, and Black Metal scenes, these metal veterans have molded their diverse backgrounds into a sound that is raw, intense, and unapologetically loud!
Under The Oak's sonic arsenal is a sonic assault of blistering riffs, thunderous drums, and ferocious vocals that ignite mosh pits like wildfire. They infuse the classic old-school thrash metal spirit with their own unique twist, delivering a high-octane musical experience that will leave you begging for more.
But wait, there's more! Under The Oak not only showcases their own original material but also fearlessly takes on the challenge of covering classic old-school thrash metal anthems. With their electrifying energy and relentless dedication, they breathe new life into these timeless gems, paying homage to the roots of the genre while adding their own signature touch.
So, dear metalheads, brace yourselves for a sonic onslaught that will have you thrashing like there's no tomorrow. Under The Oak is here to remind us that in the realm of metal, speed is king, volume is law, and headbanging is the ultimate form of catharsis.
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Unfortunately, Ripped Up By The Roots is no longer available for order.
Get ready to embrace the sonic chaos that is Under The Oak and witness firsthand the power of Norwegian metal at its finest.
As we reflect on Under The Oak's indelible mark on the Norwegian metal landscape, let's raise our horns and headbang in unison to the fast and furious sound that defines their musical legacy. Under The Oak—where Thrash Metal meets the essence of Norwegian metal brilliance!
PS: Remember to support the artists by streaming their music, attending their live shows, and spreading the word of their sonic onslaught. Stay Metal, stay hungry, and let the darkness consume you. \m/