Deaf Aid - "Hellgate"


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Deaf Aid Unleashes Apocalyptic Masterpiece "Hellgate" - Prepare for the Deafening Onslaught!
Get ready to raise your horns and bang your heads, because German death/thrashers DEAF AID are back with a bone-crushing new record, "Hellgate"! These Freiburg underground veterans have emerged from the shadows of the pandemic with an album that's as relentless as it is relevant.
"Hellgate" is not your average metal album – it's a thunderous reflection of the chaotic times we live in. With lyrics delving into the emergency of the pandemic, the increasing division of society, and the depths of human greed and selfishness, DEAF AID pulls no punches in delivering a gut-punching musical commentary.
The album title and cover artwork serve as a chilling reminder of the ominous future we face, characterized by political radicalization, religious fanaticism, and our reckless disregard for Mother Earth. While the world plunges headfirst into the buzz saw of uncertainty, DEAF AID provides the perfect soundtrack with "Hellgate".
Brace yourself for the merciless onslaught with the brutal opener "Reign Of Retards" at – a scathing critique of the incompetence of so-called leaders.
This monumental album marks the end of an era with the departure of longtime bassist Sven. But fear not, as the band welcomes the talented Bastian Hirth as his successor, promising to deliver even more earth-shattering performances.
Mastered by the acclaimed Christoph Brandes in his legendary Iguana Studios, "Hellgate" is set to unleash its fury upon the world from May 5, 2023. Get your hands on the CD or stream it from your favorite platform to experience the auditory apocalypse!
DEAF AID's "Hellgate" is a relentless beast that will leave you breathless, exhilarated, and craving for more. Don't miss out on this jaw-dropping metal masterpiece, and let the mosh pits roar with the fury of "Hellgate"! 🤘