Ember Sea - “Meet Me by the Fire”


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Ember Sea Invites You to Meet Them by the Fire in Their New Single
Are you ready for some gothic metal with a touch of romance and adventure? Then you should check out the new single from Ember Sea, a German band that combines metal, rock and symphonic elements in their catchy and powerful songs.
The single is called “Meet Me by the Fire” and it’s a beautiful ballad that tells the story of a brave traveler who faces many dangers and challenges to reunite with his beloved. The song is full of emotion and passion, with the stunning voice of Eva leading the way, supported by the melodic guitars, keyboards and drums of her bandmates. The song also features a guest appearance by the violinist Anna from the folk metal band Eluveitie, who adds some extra magic to the song.
The single is accompanied by a stunning video that shows the band performing in a forest at night, surrounded by fire and lanterns. The video also features some scenes of the traveler’s journey, as he crosses mountains, rivers and deserts to reach his destination. The video was directed by Carsten Frank, who also did the cover artwork and the band photo for the single.
The single is released by Green Bronto Records, a German metal label that specializes in promoting new and emerging bands in the scene. The label also offers services like mixing, mastering, artwork and videography for their artists. The single is available for presave on LANDR and will be officially released on July 14th, 2023.
If you’re looking for some gothic metal with a heart and soul, don’t miss this single from Ember Sea. You can watch the video on YouTube or follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Bandcamp for more updates. Trust us, you’ll want to meet them by the fire. This is a song you don’t want to miss.