Heathen Kings - Fealty To None


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Heathen Kings: Unleashing Epic Metal Tales with the Wrath of the Old Gods
Prepare to embark on a sonic journey to the realms of fantasy and lore, guided by the mighty warriors of heavy metal. Introducing Heathen Kings, the UK's newest epic heavymetallers ready to conquer the hearts of metalheads far and wide. Named after the ancient lords of Middle-earth, these valiant musicians have forged their sound in the fires of Mount Doom, where only the truest warriors emerge unscathed.
With vocals that soar to the heavens, virtuosic guitar solos that ignite the spirit, and a rhythm section built for war, Heathen Kings bring tales of fantasy, history, and the workings of the gods to life. Formed in Suffolk, UK in 2021, their purpose is clear: to join the ranks of the modern metal titans. Inspired by the likes of Visigoth, Grand Magus, Blind Guardian, Sumerlands, Eternal Champion, and Unto Others, they march forward under the watchful eyes of the old gods themselves—Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Black Sabbath.

And now, brace yourself for their debut album, "Fealty To None". This nine-track masterpiece is an unblemished tribute to the old school metal that shaped the genre. Heathen Kings take us on a sonic adventure through the realms of Middle-earth, seafaring voyages, aviation wonders, and the contemplations of a doomed yet reluctant warrior. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world where riffs reign supreme and melodies carry you to distant lands.
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Heathen Kings have arrived, ready to claim their rightful place among the pantheon of metal deities. With "Fealty To None," they bring a fresh breath of air to the age-old tales, reinvigorating the spirit of the genre with their unyielding passion and fierce musicality. So, grab your sword, raise your horns, and join Heathen Kings on their noble quest to conquer the metal world.