IM28Z - Asciende


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"im28z" Refreshes Chilean Nu Metal with New Single
The Viña del Mar-based band, "im28z", continues to expand their legacy with "Asciende", a single that takes them back to their sonic roots while showcasing the maturity of a quarter-century of experience.
The song is available on all streaming platforms and is part of their upcoming album, set to be released in the second half of 2023.
With over 26 years of musical experience, "im28z" (pronounced "iemeveintiochozeta") has evolved and matured, exploring different sounds and styles throughout their career. Armed with this wealth of experience, they embark on a return to their roots in 2023, reinventing their own style with new influences.
Regarding this release, Coke Vega, the band's vocalist and historic composer, comments, "The journey of these years has been about collecting thousands of lessons, influences, and stimuli from colleagues and producers, incorporating compositional skills, and stepping out of our comfort zone. Today, I feel like we navigate with more elegance and ease in what we do".
"Asciende" is a song that seeks to challenge the audience's preconceptions. "In our scene, a sound close to alternative metal, grunge, and mid-tempo has become the norm. Several bands cultivate a similar style. We bring a proposal that breaks that mold, that becomes unexpected and outside the norm", says Vega.
This song brings back the late '90s Nu Metal sound but sheds the adolescent content, with adulthood taking the reins of the lyrics, featuring inspiring and effervescent poetry. "We aim to deliver a constructive message in the midst of this convulsive society we all inhabit", concludes Coke.
Recorded by Miguel H. Campos (Rosewell), "Asciende" joins the releases that the band unveiled in 2022 and will be part of im28z's fifth studio album, with more songs set to be revealed throughout 2023.
The music video for the track was filmed at the Pascal 79 venue, located in the historic district of Valparaíso, the city where the band was born and raised. In the same spirit, the band members' children aged 6, 8, and 11, as well as lifelong friends of the musicians, participated in the shoot. The direction was handled by Vimana Estudio, a renowned local production company, who emphasized the dynamic use of lighting to enhance the energy of the song.