Kamizol-K - "Exile"


Kamizol-K Unleashes Hardcore Fury with "Exile"


Prepare to have your eardrums assaulted by the unrelenting force of Kamizol-K, the Lyon-based Metal Hardcore powerhouse. Since their formation in 2015, Marie, Kevin, Lionel, Gaëtan, Nico, and Antho have been on a mission to deliver bone-crushing riffs and gut-punching aggression to the masses. Influenced by the likes of Get The Shot and Upon a Burning Body, Kamizol-K is ready to ignite the Metal scene with their debut album, "Exile".
"Exile", released in September 2022, is a sonic onslaught that leaves no survivors. This relentless album showcases Kamizol-K's raw intensity and unwavering commitment to their craft. From the pulverizing guitar work to the thunderous drums and ferocious vocals, each track on "Exile" is a testament to the band's unbridled aggression and uncompromising vision.
Having graced the stages of Hellfest Cult 2018 and Sylak in the same year, Kamizol-K has proven themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the live arena. Their energy on stage is unmatched, as they command the crowd with their explosive performance and incite pits that can rival a stampede of raging bulls.
But it's not just their live shows that have garnered attention. Kamizol-K has also made their mark in the studio, releasing two EPs. "Awakening" in 2017 and "Rising" in 2019, which served as a prelude to the sonic onslaught that is "Exile". These earlier releases laid the foundation for their explosive sound and showcased their relentless drive to push the boundaries of Metal Hardcore.
With "Exile", Kamizol-K has solidified their place in the Metal pantheon. This album is a declaration of their unyielding spirit and a middle finger to conformity. So, brace yourselves, Metalheads, and get ready to be consumed by the sheer fury of Kamizol-K. They are here to unleash the storm and take no prisoners.
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Lyon, get ready to embrace the fury of Kamizol-K. Their Hardcore assault will leave you battered, bruised, and begging for more. Let the mosh pits rage and the walls tremble as Kamizol-K takes you on a wild journey into the depths of Metal Hardcore madness.
More Informations:
These warriors of sound have risen to the top, emerging victorious from the depths of the infernal battle known as the Tremplin The Voice of Hell. Out of the 300 international bands that dared to challenge the forces of darkness, Kamizol-K emerged triumphant, claiming the coveted title.
Their victory has granted them access to the sacred grounds of the Warzone, where they opened the gates of Hell on Thursday, June 15th, leaving the audience in awe of their sheer power and unrelenting intensity. But that's not all! As a testament to their power, Kamizol-K will have the honor of setting Hellfest Warm Up 2024 ablaze, igniting the stage and undoubtedly creating a shockwave in the world of metal.