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LOGICAL TERROR Unleashes a Mind-Bending Symphony of Darkness with "Sides Of The Unknown"
Prepare to have your perception shattered and your senses pushed to the limit as Logical Terror takes you on a sonic journey into the depths of the unknown. Hailing from Italy, this alternative nu metal force is set to redefine the boundaries of heavy music with their latest album, "Sides Of The Unknown". Brace yourself for a mind-bending experience that will leave you questioning reality itself.
Behind the seemingly straightforward facade lies a complex and thought-provoking artistry. Logical Terror's music serves as a vessel to convey clear and meaningful messages, delving into the detachment between humanity and the ever-evolving world. Their songs explore the impact of technology on our lives, even when adverse effects are at play, and challenge our ability to recognize ourselves in this ever-changing landscape.
With rhythmic nu-metal steps and prevailing industrial fragments, Logical Terror creates a sonic landscape that transcends boundaries. Their melodic appeal is nothing short of superb, with electronic inserts multiplying the dynamics of their sound. The clever alternation between their two vocalists adds an extra layer of depth to their already mesmerizing compositions.
The journey of Logical Terror began in 2010 when they entered the studio to create their debut album, "Almost Human". Produced by Dualized and Eddy Cavazza of dysFUNCTION Productions, known for their work with Fear Factory, Mnemic, and more, the album is a modern and sophisticated mix of metal, enriched with strong industrial and symphonic influences. Praised by international critics and hailed as one of the best revelations of the year by esteemed magazines such as Rock Hard, Metal Hammer, and Metal Maniac, "Almost Human" caught the attention of Reality Entertainment, leading to a worldwide digital distribution deal.
The band's momentum continued to grow as they shared stages with legendary acts like Sepultura, Arch Enemy, Soilwork, and Primal Fear, captivating audiences with their intense live performances. With their latest album, "Ashes Of Fate". Logical Terror pushed the boundaries even further. The new material embraces a more aggressive and orchestral approach, showcasing the band's growth and evolution. The album features special guest appearances by Jon Howard of Threat Signal and Björn "Speed" Strid from Soilwork, adding an extra layer of sonic intensity.
Now, Logical Terror has joined forces with Darktunes Music Group for their newest release, "Sides Of The Unknown". This mind-altering record is set to captivate listeners around the globe with its dark and immersive soundscapes. With the mesmerizing artwork designed by Luminokaya (known for their work with Meshuggah), Logical Terror's musical journey is poised to leave a lasting impact on the metal world.
Immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of Logical Terror by checking out their official video for "Time Zone" on YouTube. Follow the band on Spotify and add their tracks to your playlists to experience their sonic assault in its full glory.
Stay connected with Logical Terror and their label through their social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and their official website. Brace yourself for an intense journey through the "Sides Of The Unknown", where reality blurs and the power of music reigns supreme.