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Unleashing Hellfire: Methane Ignites the Metal Scene with "Kill It With Fire"
Prepare for an inferno of pure, unadulterated metal as Methane rises from the depths of the underworld. Formed in late 2012 by the legendary Death Metal band Revenant's bassist/singer Tim Scott and Hell Patrol's master of mayhem, Jimi Mästerbo, Methane is a force to be reckoned with. Joined by Cryonic Temple's axe-wielder Markus Grundström and drumming powerhouse Jonathan Fundin, this band is about to set the metal scene ablaze with their scorching new release.
Since their inception, Methane has been stoking the fires of metal, embarking on numerous tours across Europe and the United States. They have left a trail of destruction in their wake, sharing the stage with iconic bands such as Whiplash, Warbringer, The Haunted, and Nervosa. With each performance, they have garnered a fiercely devoted following in the underground metal scene, fueling their relentless drive to conquer the world.
In 2023, Methane returns with their highly anticipated follow-up, "Kill It With Fire". This album is an incendiary masterpiece, drenched in brimstone and fueled by the band's original, uncompromising sound. Drawing inspiration from metal titans like Slayer, Havok, and Kreator, Methane delivers a sonic assault that will leave you breathless.
Led by the thunderous bass and commanding vocals of Tim Scott, accompanied by Jimi Mästerbo's blistering guitar work, Markus Grundström's bone-crushing riffs, and Jonathan Fundin's relentless drumming, Methane is a force of nature. Their chemistry and unyielding passion for metal are palpable, radiating through every note and riff.
"Kill It With Fire" is a declaration of dominance, a statement that Methane is here to reignite the flames of pure metal. With tracks that sear through your soul and ignite a mosh pit inferno, this album is a testament to their unwavering dedication to the genre.
Prepare to be consumed by the scorching fury of Methane. Stay connected with the band on their relentless quest for metal domination. Follow them on Facebook at and witness their infernal live performances. For a taste of their incendiary sound, head over to their YouTube channel at and let the flames engulf you.
Stay tuned to their Instagram account at and witness the band's fiery presence. "Kill It With Fire" and their previous releases can be found on their Bandcamp page at where you can support their mission to set the world ablaze with their metal onslaught.
Methane is here to leave a scorching mark on the metal landscape. Embrace the flames, embrace the intensity, and join Methane as they rise from the ashes to conquer the metal realm. The time has come to embrace the fire. Are you ready?