Mercenary - "Heart Of The Numb"


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Mercenary Unleashes "Heart Of The Numb" featuring Trivium's Matt Heafy from Apocalyptic Album "Soundtrack For The End Times"
A cataclysmic collision of metal forces as Danish metal veterans MERCENARY reveal their third single, "Heart Of The Numb," from their highly anticipated album, "Soundtrack For The End Times." This explosive single features the unparalleled vocals of Matt Heafy from the American metal powerhouse Trivium, adding an electrifying dimension to the band's signature sound.
With the album's release date set for September 22, 2023, through NoiseArt Records, fans are treated to a tantalizing glimpse of the band's evolution with "Heart Of The Numb." Brace yourself and experience the raw power of this epic collaboration:
Guitarist Jakob Mølbjerg, brimming with excitement, offers his insight into the forthcoming album. "Prepare to be consumed by the darkness unleashed in this monumental opus," he declares. "We have pushed the boundaries of our sound to new, uncharted territories, delivering colossal choruses, bone-crushing riffs, relentless drums, and mind-blowing guitar solos. Our very own Master-of-all-trades, Mr. Martin Buus, has worked his magic on the production, and Jacob Hansen has crafted a mix that will shatter your eardrums."
The album's captivating cover artwork, designed by the talented Niklas Sundin, renowned for his work on "11 Dreams" and "Architect of Lies," sets the stage for the apocalyptic journey that awaits listeners.
Mercenary proudly welcomes Matt Heafy from Trivium as a guest vocalist on "Heart Of The Numb," solidifying their bond with one of their biggest supporters. Heafy himself commends Mercenary, stating, "For years, Mercenary has been at the forefront of the metal scene, crafting their own unique blend of sonic devastation. When I listen to Mercenary, I hear the essence of Denmark, I hear the essence of metal. You all must listen to this band."
Get ready to be ensnared by the dark allure of "Heart Of The Numb" and for the imminent release of "Soundtrack For The End Times."
Mercenary, a Danish metal band known for their mesmerizing fusion of melodic and death metal, has been commanding stages for over two decades. With a discography that spans multiple albums, they have cemented their status as one of Denmark's most iconic metal acts.
Prepare for the sonic apocalypse and join MERCENARY on their journey through the realms of darkness. The end is near, and the metal revolution awaits.