Metal in Franche-Comté/Bourgogne

Spotify Playlist: "Metal in Franche-Comté/Bourgogne"

The region of Franche-Comté/Bourgogne, located in the heart of France, has long been a hub for a dynamic and diverse music scene. Within this region, numerous talented bands and artists have emerged, bringing their energy and creativity to the Metal genre. Today, I want to shine a spotlight on these local talents by launching a dedicated Spotify playlist for the Metal scene in Franche-Comté/Bourgogne.
As a resident of the region, I have decided to create this playlist to discover and support local bands. The Metal scene in Franche-Comté/Bourgogne is brimming with unrecognized talents who deserve greater visibility. But I need your help. Don't hesitate to contribute and help this playlist grow.
I aim to showcase all the sub-genres of Metal, whether it's Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Stoner... Diversity is key to accurately reflect the musical richness of the region.
By creating this playlist, my objective is to provide a platform for local bands to be discovered by a wider audience and support the local Metal scene.
Thank you, and remember... Stay Metal.