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Neanderthal Unleashes a Modern Thrash Storm with "RISE"!
In the heart of Essex, UK, a monstrous metal force known as NEANDERTHAL has risen to dominate the modern thrash scene! With their latest release, "RISE," these ferocious four warriors deliver a sonic onslaught that leaves no head unturned and no eardrum unscathed.
Formed in 2012 by the mighty Alec Shelmerdine (bass and vocals), NEANDERTHAL was destined to forge a sound that captured his lifelong passion for metal. Joined by the thunderous drumbeats of Jay McGregor in 2016, the band began their relentless march towards metal supremacy.
But as fate would have it, post-covid brought a lineup shake-up, with both Stokes and Loveridge departing. Undeterred, Shelmerdine took up the guitar mantle, welcoming the formidable Andy Ewings (Spewy) on bass and enlisting the skilled Dr. Tom Robinson-Perry on second guitar duties. Now, with their ranks complete, NEANDERTHAL stands ready to unleash their unique pulse-pounding metal on the world!
Describing their style is no easy task, for NEANDERTHAL defies categorization. One moment, they crush you with bone-cracking riffs, the next they soar with melodic rhythms, only to descend into the depths with devastating breakdowns. This is a band unafraid to embrace their own identity, carving a path that bridges the gap between their metal heroes and the more mainstream sound.
Their music has spread like wildfire across Europe and the Americas, captivating hungry metalheads everywhere. But it's on the stage where NEANDERTHAL truly reigns supreme. With awe-inspiring live performances, they obliterate every venue they conquer. Heads bang, fists fly, and the crowd becomes one with the primal force of their sound.
NEANDERTHAL's dedication to their fans is unwavering. Each show is a testament to their gratitude for the support they receive, making them stand tall as a band that truly values their audience.
Now is the time to heed the call of NEANDERTHAL's "RISE"! Dive into the depths of their sonic landscape and be captivated by their raw power. You'll find yourself nodding to the beat and chanting along to their infectious choruses. There's only one NEANDERTHAL, and they're here to dominate the metal world!
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Metalheads of the world, prepare to witness the rise of NEANDERTHAL! They are here to stay, and there's no stopping this modern thrash storm! \m/