Spektrvm - “Rainfire”


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Spektrvm Unleash a Firestorm of Metal in Their New Video “Rainfire”
If you’re looking for some intense, aggressive and diverse metal, you should check out the new video from Spektrvm, a Greek band that doesn’t shy away from expressing their opinions and emotions in their music.
The video is for the song “Rainfire”, which is taken from their latest album Blood For Heaven, released in 2022. The song is a blistering attack on the corruption and hypocrisy of the religious institutions. The music is fast, heavy and melodic, with the vocals of Michalis Pouliezos switching between clean and harsh styles, and the guitars of Giorgos Zikas and Nikos Katsaros delivering some killer riffs and solos. The rhythm section of bassist Dimitris Katsaros and drummer Kostas Papadopoulos keeps the groove and the energy high throughout the song.
The video is a taste of what Spektrvm have to offer in their live shows, which are always energetic and explosive. The band has been playing in various festivals and venues around Greece and abroad, sharing the stage with bands like Pantera, The Black Keys, Puscifer and more. Their next show will be at Rockwave Festival on July 8th, where they will surely impress the audience with their metal spectrum.
If you’re looking for some metal that will make you think and headbang at the same time, don’t miss this video from Spektrvm. You can watch it on YouTube or follow them on their official links for more updates. Trust us, you’ll want to see them rain fire. This is a band you don’t want to miss.
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