The Age Of Ore - "Trying Times"


To Discover: The Age of Ore

Prepare to be blown away by the thunderous sound of The Age Of Ore! Hailing from the depths of Southern NJ and the Philadelphia area, this young and talented trio took the heavy metal scene by storm with their debut EP, "Trying Times," released two and a half years ago.
Drawing inspiration from metal and rock legends like Black Sabbath, Dio, and Alice In Chains, The Age Of Ore crafted a unique sound that paid homage to the classics while injecting their own youthful energy and raw power. Even at ages 15 to 18, these rising stars proved that age is just a number when it comes to delivering hard-hitting heavy metal.
"Trying Times" served as a powerful introduction to The Age Of Ore's sonic assault. Packed with crushing riffs, soaring vocals, and an undeniable groove, this EP showcased their potential.
Recorded at Musically Speaking Studios under the guidance of industry veterans like Steve Childs (Deadly Blessing), The Age Of Ore demonstrated their musical prowess and unwavering dedication to their craft. Their influences range from the iconic Iron Maiden and Jimi Hendrix to the haunting melodies of Alice in Chains and the raw power of System of A Down.
While "Trying Times" may have been released a couple of years ago, it's never too late to dive into the sonic assault of The Age Of Ore. Connect with them on Facebook at and immerse yourself in their heavy metal world. For a dose of their explosive music, head over to their Bandcamp page at and relish in the power of their sound.
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So, gear up, metalheads, and get ready to headbang to the electrifying sounds of The Age Of Ore. Despite the elapsed time since "Trying Times," their talent and passion remain undeniable. Embrace the power of their music and join them on their epic journey through the realms of heavy metal. The future of the genre is in their hands, and they are here to conquer it all.