Trounce - "The Seven Crowns"


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Trounce Unleashes Apocalyptic Metal Storm with "The Seven Crowns" Album!
Hold on tight, metalheads! The Swiss metal powerhouse TROUNCE is here to rock your world with their thunderous debut album, "The Seven Crowns," set to drop on October 20, 2023, via Hummus Records. Brace yourself for an onslaught of bone-crushing riffs and blistering intensity that will leave you begging for more!
Headed by the indomitable Jonathan Nido, founder of Hummus Records and guitar virtuoso of the furious Coilguns, TROUNCE is a ferocious amalgamation of top-notch musicians, including Luc Hess (Coilguns, Louis Jucker, Closet Disco Queen) on drums, Renaud Meichtry (Kruger) on vocals, Léa Martinez (Svarts, Etienne Machine) adding her magic on the Moog and vocals, Naser Ardelean (Yrre) on guitar, and the raucous Anna Sauter (Yrre, Dubuk) on the sampler, accompanied by the masterful Kevin Galland on sound and Guillaume Ducommun illuminating the stage.
The journey to "The Seven Crowns" began when Roadburn Festival, the Mecca of European extreme music, commissioned Hummus Records to create something truly extraordinary for their stage. And boy, did TROUNCE deliver! Armed with riffs influenced by Dark Funeral and a dash of enigmatic shoegaze, the band concocted an epic blend of black metal, doom, noise, and punk attitude that defies classification.
The trailblazing first single, "The Wheel," is a relentless display of TROUNCE's prowess, featuring catchy melodies paired with crushing blast beats and epic choruses. As Jonathan Nido explains, "The Wheel" is the last track on the album, a powerful fusion of meditative moments and aggressive blast beats, creating a unique experience that captures the essence of Trounce.
Prepare for an immersive musical journey with "The Seven Crowns," an extraordinary work comprising eleven studio-recorded tracks and eleven live recordings from the historic Roadburn performance. The album will be available in various formats, including digital, triple vinyl, double CD, and vinyl.
Feast your eyes on the darkly mesmerizing visual landscape, crafted by the talented Roberto Romano's photographs and Bryan Maita's illustrations, perfectly complementing the band's artistic expression.
Don't miss TROUNCE's explosive live performances as they take over Switzerland:
06.10 – Saint-Gall (CH) – Palace
07.10 – Nyon (CH) – Usine à Gaz
28.10 – Fribourg (CH) – Fri-son [Hummus Fest]
03.11 - Zürich (CH) – Rote Fabrik
04.11 - Neuchâtel (CH) – Case à Chocs
18.11 – Bâle (CH) – Sommercasino [Hummus Fest]
02.12 - Genève (CH) – Groove
16.12 - Monthey (CH) – Pont Rouge – [Hummus Fest]

Mark your calendars and prepare for the metalstorm of the century! Secure your pre-order for "The Seven Crowns" at and get ready to be trounced into oblivion! 🤘