WhatDrivesTheWeak - “Lightbringer”


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WhatDrivesTheWeak - “Lightbringer” (Deathcore)
If you’re looking for some brutal, heavy and relentless deathcore, look no further than WhatDrivesTheWeak’s album “Lightbringer”. The Kentucky-based band delivers a crushing and merciless sound that will make your ears bleed and your head bang.
“Lightbringer” is the band’s second full length album, and their first since their reunion in 2017. The band had previously released their debut album “Iniquities” in 2012, but disbanded in 2014 due to personal issues. However, the band members never lost their passion for deathcore, and decided to give it another shot in 2017. They teamed up with producer Chris Whited (Bodysnatcher/1776 Recordings) to craft their most intense and aggressive album yet.
The album consists of 10 tracks, each one more brutal than the last. The band combines fast and technical riffs, breakdowns, blast beats, guttural vocals and atmospheric elements to create a dark and chaotic atmosphere. The lyrics deal with themes such as religion, war, corruption and death, reflecting the band’s nihilistic and anti-establishment views.
Some of the highlights of the album include the opening track “Per Aspera Ad Astra”, which sets the tone for the rest of the album with its explosive intro and catchy chorus; the title track “Lightbringer”, which features guest vocals from CJ McMahon of Thy Art Is Murder; the song “The Reckoning”, which showcases the band’s melodic side with some clean vocals and guitar solos; and the closing track “The End Of All Things”, which ends the album on a high note with its epic and symphonic outro.
“Lightbringer” is a must-listen for any fan of deathcore, or extreme metal in general. The band proves that they are not only back, but better than ever. They have refined their sound and style, and delivered an album that will satisfy any metalhead’s thirst for brutality.
You can follow the band on their social media platforms, and stream or buy their album on various platforms. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness one of the best deathcore albums of 2020.