Azores & Metal Vol3


Upcoming Release:

Unveiling the Roaring Waves of Azorean Metal: Volume 3 of the Epic Trilogy
Ahoy, metalheads and seekers of sonic adventure! Brace yourselves for a tsunami of Azorean metal madness as the third installment of the "Azores & Metal" saga approaches like a storm on the horizon. The Azores archipelago, nestled in the embrace of the Portuguese waters, is about to unleash its heavy artillery, proving that even on serene islands, the infernal roar of metal can reign supreme.
Scheduled for a seismic release on September 11th, the third volume of this sonic odyssey completes a trilogy that has delved deep into the heart of heavy metal thriving in the Azores. So, while the world grapples with the humdrum of daily life, get ready to have your eardrums obliterated and your soul ignited by the fiery offerings of 15 distinct bands, each carving their own unique groove into the world of metal.
As the anticipation crescendos, you, my dear metal disciples, have the opportunity to secure your very own piece of sonic history. But, wait! The enigmatic minds behind this metal symphony are keeping the majority of themes under wraps until the grand day arrives. Just like waiting for that riff to drop, the suspense is tantalizing.
Let's take a sneak peek at some of the thunderous tracks that are already echoing through the digital catacombs:
Dark Age Of Ruin - Golgotha: Behold, the shadows unveil! Brace yourselves as Golgotha unleashes its haunting hymns. Give your senses a jolt:
A Dream of Poe - The Lament of Phaethon: Prepare for an auditory journey that transcends time and space. It's not just a song; it's a voyage. Embark here:
InnerCircle - Glitch In Reality: Is reality glitching, or have you just entered the realm of InnerCircle's mesmerizing mayhem? Embrace the glitch:
Dust Project - Agnus Dei: Behold, the sacrificial sounds of Agnus Dei! Dust Project sweeps you into the ritual.
Mournolith Abyss - Brimstone Confessions: Confess your allegiance to the brimstone as Mournolith Abyss summons darkness.
These are just the first ripples in the sea of Azorean metal. This compilation, dear headbangers, is a sonic testimony of passion and dedication. It's the artists' canvas, their testament to eternity. So, if you're wondering where to score this sonic relic, the answer is simple: this CD is their stage, their sanctuary, and their legacy.
But, ahoy, ye curious souls, this is more than a mere compilation. It's a movement, a force that unites the Azorean heavy metal clans. It's a headbang-inducing, eardrum-shattering beacon of charisma that celebrates not just music but the spirit of the islands. With the support of over twenty entities from the underground realms of labels, stores, studios, and more, this record is a testament to camaraderie and musical synergy.
Hats off to the partners who've rallied under the banner of distortion: Caminhos Metálicos, SFTD Radio, World Wide Metal, Bunker Store, Undergroun 'N' Proud, Waveyard Studio, Soundivision, Grey Shelter, Larvae Records, World of Metal, Gruesome Records, Catedral do Rock, Azores Metal Podcast, Sound Store, Backstage, StepKeys Studio, Cascais Garage, and Glam-o-Rama. The cavalry of chaos rides together!
As the release date approaches, the decibels of anticipation will only get louder. Stay connected, dear metallers, as a tempest of details is headed your way. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the Azorean Heavy Metal Museum's Facebook page and unleash your inner metal warrior!
Reserve your spot in the annals of Azorean metal history:
And if you're ready to dive headfirst into the sonic abyss, venture forth and be consumed:

So, fellow metal pilgrims, gear up for a journey that defies convention, bridges oceans, and redefines metal on its own volcanic terms. The "Azores & Metal" trilogy reaches its zenith on September 11th, and the Azores archipelago is roaring, waiting to be heard. Get ready to immerse yourself in the symphonic storm! Stay tuned, stay loud, and may the riffs be ever in your favor. \m/