Beltfed Weapon - "Darkened Demise"


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Beltfed Weapon's "Darkened Demise EP" Strikes with a Death Thrash Metal Symphony
Prepare your eardrums for an onslaught of sonic devastation that will reverberate through the metal realms! Seattle's own Beltfed Weapon is back from the shadows, and they're armed with an explosive arsenal: the "Darkened Demise EP." This release, dedicated to the memory of the late Timothy L. Aymar, is set to unleash its unrelenting fury on June 25th, 2023. If you thought you've heard it all, think again, because Beltfed Weapon is about to redefine the very essence of death thrash metal.
Hailing from the rainy city of Seattle, Beltfed Weapon is no stranger to delivering bone-crushing metal. After their acclaimed third EP, "Raining Plague," shook the scene in 2015, the band hit a rough patch in the lineup department. But fear not, for founder and guitarist Frank Hetzel took matters into his own iron-clad grip. Determined not to waste a second, he summoned an all-star cast of metal demigods to craft the relentless opus that is "Darkened Demise."
Behold the pantheon of power that has aligned for this metal crusade:
Frank Hetzel (guitar, songwriter)
Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy) (lead guitar)
Kragen Lum (Exodus / Heathen) (lead guitar)
Tim Aymar (Control Denied / Pharaoh) (vocals)
Steve Tucker (Morbid Angel) (vocals)
J.D. DeServio (Black Label Society) (bass)
Jason Viebrooks (Exhorder) (bass)
Dagna Silesia (bass)
Bryan Newberry (Into Eternity) (drums)

Can you hear the heavens trembling? This isn't just a band; it's a metallic alliance forged from the very fires of the underworld. Frank Hetzel, a seasoned music veteran, masterminded this epic lineup, fusing talents from bands as diverse as Testament, Arch Enemy, Morbid Angel, and more.
But let's talk about the music, shall we? Brace yourselves for a ferocious fusion of death thrash madness that ignites the very air you breathe. The first sonic assault, "Headfirst Into Hell", features the incredible clean vocals of Tim Aymar, a tribute to his legacy and a triumphant declaration of metal might. And that's just the beginning. "Accept Your Insanity" is a whirlwind of piledriving power, propelled by the likes of Jeff Loomis, J.D. DeServio, and Bryan Newberry. But the title track, "Darkened Demise," is where the cataclysm truly unfolds, featuring the visceral growls of Morbid Angel's Steve Tucker, interplaying with Aymar's melodic mastery.
Witness the convergence of skull-crushing brutality and musical diversity. "Darkened Demise" isn't just an EP; it's a testament to the power of the metal community. A labor of love, a project Hetzel pursued with friends and legends alike. As he aptly puts it, "It's been therapeutic and rewarding, a journey with those I've been listening to for decades."
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In a world where the heavy becomes heavier, and the metal becomes mightier, Beltfed Weapon stands tall as the vanguard of sonic devastation. The "Darkened Demise EP" isn't just an offering; it's an obliteration of the ordinary, a symphony of chaos, and a reminder that the heart of metal beats eternal. June 25th is the date, "Darkened Demise" is the anthem, and Beltfed Weapon is the herald of your impending metal immersion. Embrace the darkness, for it shall be your demise.