Cedars - "Cowards"


It was Released in 2021:

Cedars Unleashes "Cowards": A Sonic Revolution of Resilience and Rebellion
Texas' Electronic Rock Titans Forge a Sonic Manifesto Defying Conformity
When it comes to challenging conventions and carving a niche beyond the realms of ordinary, the electronic rock pioneers CEDARS have wielded their mighty axes once again with their album "Cowards". Released on a fateful June 11th back in 2021, this auditory odyssey via Gruene Records has taken the music world by storm, redefining not just the genre, but the very essence of musical rebellion.
In an era where conformity has become as ubiquitous as a stubborn riff, CEDARS emerge as the bold renegades, brandishing their album "Cowards" like a sonic broadsword. Their philosophy, an intoxicating concoction of grit and grace, reverberates through the album's core like a defiant heartbeat.
At the heart of "Cowards" lies a concept that resonates deeply with the human experience – the struggle to assert oneself in the face of towering consequences. Lead visionary Sandeigh Kennedy, alongside the enigmatic Drew Heaton, conjures a sonic tapestry woven from the threads of introspection, resilience, and the unfaltering belief in the power of individuality.
Kennedy delves into the essence of the album's thematic core, remarking, "Cowards, at its core, is an album about choosing yourself, even in the face of great consequences. So often we find ourselves in situations or systems that ask us to minimize ourselves or our desires or even our needs, but there comes a point where we have to make some really tough choices."
As the record serenades you with its eleven mesmerizing tracks, each note becomes a testament to the delicate dance between despair and hope. From the thunderous proclamation of "Claymore" to the haunting serenade of "Lost at Sea", the album drags you through a labyrinthine emotional landscape, daring you to confront the ghosts that linger in your own shadows.
"Cowards" Track Listing:
Lost at Sea
Chasing Vapor
Happy Now
Funeral Dress
Formerly Known
Give Up The Ghost
Bearing Swords
Daringly dynamic, CEDARS shatter any preconceived notions of genre limitations. Imagine if The Pixies and PJ Harvey, in a fit of musical passion, joined forces with Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails, all while being serenaded by the harmonious spirits of MuteMath. Yes, it's as enchanting and electrifying as it sounds.
But CEDARS isn't just a band; it's a living, breathing testament to the belief that beauty can, in fact, save the world. The brains behind this symphonic insurrection, Sandeigh Kennedy and Drew Heaton, have masterfully woven industrial and organic textures into an auditory tapestry. A tapestry that paints vivid tales with gritty synths and ethereal vocals, all set against a backdrop of pulsating beats and intricate soundscapes.
The video realm of "Cowards" isn't one to be missed either. Brace yourself for a visual feast as you journey through the captivating narratives of "Chasing Vapor," "Liminal," "Lost at Sea," and the eponymous "Cowards." These videos are not just mere accompaniments; they are windows into the very soul of the album's visionaries.
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This is more than just an album release; it's a clarion call to reclaim your voice, your identity, and your authenticity. "Cowards" invites you to join their sonic rebellion – a revolution powered by riffs and resistance, melodies and moxie. So, heed the call and let CEDARS' symphony of defiance become the soundtrack to your own journey of self-discovery. Remember, in a world where conformity reigns, only the brave dare to be "Cowards."
Join the movement. Embrace the rebellion. Experience CEDARS.