Chris Manning - "Reach The Sky"

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Unleash the Shredding Fury with Chris Manning's "Reach The Sky" Feat. Bruce Kulick from KISS - Prepare for a Melodic Metal Soiree!
Alright, metal aficionados, it's time to brace yourselves for a musical journey that's as expansive as the Texas sky and as electrifying as a lightning strike! Chris Manning is here to blow your minds with his latest heavy metal opus, "Reach The Sky", and let me tell you, this album is packing more heat than a Texan barbecue in the heart of summer!
Release Date: July 14th, 2023
Label: NoLifeTilMetal Records
Location: Texas, USA
Imagine if the forces of Alice in Chains, Lynch Mob, KISS, and King's X converged into one cosmic maelstrom of sound – that's exactly what you'll get when you immerse yourself in the sonic wonderland of "Reach The Sky". Chris Manning, the Texas-based guitar maestro, has enlisted none other than Bruce Kulick from KISS to join him in this musical extravaganza, and trust me, sparks are gonna fly.
Featuring a Line-Up of Guitar Virtuosos and Metal Titans
Picture this: Manning's blistering guitar riffs merging seamlessly with the legendary prowess of Bruce Kulick on the track "Fly Over The Walls". It's a guitar duel for the ages, a sonic showdown that'll leave your eardrums ringing for days. But the madness doesn't stop there – Hungarian-born blues wizard Tommy Katona adds his fiery touch to the instrumental masterpiece "Texas Smoke." This isn't just an album; it's a summit of guitar gods!
"Reach The Sky" - A Sonic Odyssey Blurring Genres and Styles
This album isn't just your run-of-the-mill metal release – it's a journey through genre-blurring soundscapes that'll leave you dazed, amazed, and begging for more. Manning's songwriting prowess is on full display as he effortlessly weaves melodic rock and metal into cinematic tapestries of sound. Cris Hodges, the vocal virtuoso, adds his spellbinding voice to the mix, hitting those high notes with the precision of a marksman.
From Texas to the World - Manning's Legacy in Music
Chris Manning isn't just a one-trick pony; he's a musical chameleon with a penchant for shredding like there's no tomorrow. As a founding member of The Zeppelin Project, one of Texas's top Zeppelin tributes, Manning's musical palette is as diverse as a Tex-Mex buffet. Over the years, he's shared stages with icons like George Lynch, Yngwie Malmsteen, and even the mighty KISS themselves.
So, my fellow metalheads, are you ready to take flight with Chris Manning and Bruce Kulick? The sky's the limit, and "Reach The Sky" is your ticket to a musical adventure that's as dynamic as the Texas landscape and as ferocious as a bull at a rodeo. Whether you're a guitar connoisseur, a die-hard metal fan, or just someone looking for a killer soundtrack to your life, Chris Manning's "Reach The Sky" is here to rock your world!