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Darkness Is My Canvas Unleashes "Inverted": A Groovy Journey Through Time and Sound
Finnish Prog Rockers Pay Tribute to the '70s with an EMO Twist
Helsinki's melodic rock maestros, Darkness Is My Canvas (DIMC), are set to ignite the metal world once again with their latest sonic creation, "Inverted". In a time when musical landscapes are dominated by the electronic humdrum, DIMC takes a wild detour, reviving the progressive rock glory of the '70s, seasoned with a dash of 2010s EMO flair. Prepare your ears for a melodic rollercoaster that defies time and genre boundaries!
As the dawn of a new musical era beckons, DIMC gears up to release their forthcoming EP, aptly titled 'White Noise.' While the EP is set to unleash its full sonic arsenal later this year via Inverse Records, the tantalizing taste of what's to come has already graced our auditory senses with the ethereal single, "Inverted". Brace yourself for an auditory odyssey that pays homage to the legendary progressive rock era while seamlessly infusing the spirit of modern-day EMO bands.
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Beneath the surface of "Inverted" lies a narrative that resonates with all-too-human experiences: insomnia and its haunting repercussions. Their music takes you on a sonic journey that plunges us into the abyss of sleep of the human mind. A mesmerizing guitar solo dances upon the edge of time, even giving Jazz a friendly nod. The result? A genre-blurring masterpiece that defies creative boundaries and intoxicates listeners with its audacious spirit.
DIMC's Pete and Panu, the masterminds behind the musical wizardry, shared their insights: "With 'Inverted,' the audience can hear a marriage between Jethro Tull and My Chemical Romance. The guitar solo is epic, of course, and during the solo, we even step onto Jazz's toes. We've always thought that creatively 'nothing is too much' for us, as we want to do this from our perspective and desire."
DIMC: Forged in Melody and Diversity
Since their inception in 2017, DIMC has been an unrivaled force in the realm of melodic rock. Their influences range from Muse and Queen to Pink Floyd and Leprous, with a dash into the worlds of Porcupine Tree and My Chemical Romance, the band’s music is a captivating tapestry woven with timeless melodies.
Pete's haunting vocals, often reminiscent of a young David Bowie, meld seamlessly with Panu's intricate guitar prowess. Together, they orchestrate an auditory experience that embraces change and defies convention. The last opus of the band, "Inverted" is a glimpse of their enchanting world.
The journey into the realms of "Inverted" marks a momentous chapter in the legacy of DIMC. As anticipation builds for the full release of their EP "White Noise", fans and metal enthusiasts alike find themselves on the brink of an extraordinary auditory adventure.
Darkness Is My Canvas Are:
Panu Pentikäinen – guitar, vocals
Pete Erkintalo – vocals, guitar
Gabriel Schneider - bass
Juuso Grönmark - drums
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