Death Dealer Union - "The Integument"


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Death Dealer Union Unleashes Second Single, "The Integument" - Uniting Metal Fiends with Eerie Elegance!
Crack open the crypt, fellow metalheads, because the sonic sorcerers of DEATH DEALER UNION are back, ready to shatter your eardrums and electrify your souls with their upcoming release! If you've been seeking a symphonic séance to satiate your metallic cravings, look no further than the bewitching brew these West coast conjurers are stirring up.
Fronted by the enigmatic Elena Cataraga, known to many as Lena Scissorhands from the modern metal juggernauts INFECTED RAIN, DEATH DEALER UNION is charging into the limelight with their debut album, "Initiation," slated to descend upon us like a thunderstorm on September 22, 2023, courtesy of the almighty Napalm Records. If that isn't a date marked in blood on your calendar, then you're missing out on a ritualistic rite of passage!
But wait, dear metal minions, the chaos doesn't stop there. The second single, aptly named "The Integument," is out to haunt your senses, and it's a sonic pilgrimage that will have you banging your head and questioning reality in the same breath. Imagine the unholy offspring of traditional power metal and a ghostly, ethereal symphony. It's like a rollercoaster ride through the catacombs of your mind, and trust me, you won't want to get off.
The accompanying music video is a molten metal masterpiece in itself, featuring none other than the fiery sirens of the heavy metal dance brigade, Cherry Bombs! Flames, fury, and frenetic footwork - what more could a metalhead ask for? DEATH DEALER UNION has seamlessly woven a tapestry of sight and sound that will leave you spellbound, hypnotized, and craving for more.
In the words of the necromantic collective themselves, "The Integument" is an amalgamation of genres that feels like a high-voltage jolt of adrenaline straight to the heart. The track not only rattles your bones but also serves up a positively-charged message through its energetic vibes. It's a war cry, a serenade to the shadows, and a battle hymn all rolled into one. They've channeled their creative prowess into this alchemical creation, and the result is nothing short of mind-bending.
So, if you've been waiting for a musical journey that combines the best of the old-school thrash ethos with the ferocity of modern metal, DEATH DEALER UNION has your back. Mark your calendars, set your reminders, and brace yourselves for the initiation into a new realm of sound. As the days count down to the release of "Initiation," let's raise our horns and prepare for the impending storm that DEATH DEALER UNION is about to unleash upon us.
And remember, fellow metal maniacs, stay heavy, stay unholy, and crank up the volume until your neighbors question their life choices!