Epinikion - Welcome to the Wonderful World of Jealousy


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Rising from Ashes to Orchestrate Glory: Epinikion's Epic Journey into Symphonic Metal Realm

Epinikion - Welcome to the Wonderful World of Jealousy (From album "Inquisition")
In a twist of fate as dramatic as the crescendo of a symphony, the worlds of sports and music converged when Robert and Renate hung up their coaching jerseys and picked up instruments to form the symphonic metal powerhouse known as Epinikion. It's a tale of electric guitar solos harmonizing with classical piano keys, and a phoenix rising from the ashes of athletic triumphs to create a melodious inferno on stage.
Epinikion, the brainchild of Robert and Renate, two former top-tier athletes, emerged from the unlikely pairing of electric guitar riffs and classical piano melodies. The spark that ignited this harmonious explosion came naturally to them. After all, it's not every day you witness a retired athlete strumming a guitar like a riff-releasing hurricane while their partner conjures piano notes as if casting a spell.
Why "Epinikion", you ask? Well, it's not just a word to impress your Scrabble rivals. In the annals of Ancient Greece, the tales of victorious athletes were celebrated through "epinikion" hymns, sung with the same fervor as a metalhead screaming the lyrics to their favorite anthem. And if that wasn't enough, they threw in a phoenix, the mythological bird reborn from its own ashes, symbolizing their transformation from athletes to musicians.
Their journey wasn't without its quirky detours. Picture this: Renate's son's toy keyboard taking its final bow to make way for a grand synthesizer. Talk about an upgrade! But their story is more than just instruments; it's about the harmony of passion and ambition, backed by a growing network of fellow artists who believed in their musical metamorphosis.
Fuelled by Robert and Renate's unyielding sports mentality, Epinikion soared. The metamorphosis was no less astounding than an athlete transforming into a supernatural force on stage. With every note, they sprinted through their symphonic metal composition, driven by a relentless desire to be the best they could be. The metamorphosis led to the demand for top-notch music production and additional team members eager to embrace the musical arena.
The global pandemic couldn't silence Epinikion's symphonic roar. With permanent band members joining the fray, their performances reached new heights, orchestrated with the precision of a conductor guiding a symphony.
From the very first note, Epinikion concocted a mesmerizing potion that combined heavy guitar riffs with the elegance of classical and progressive metal influences.
In an industry where individuality is paramount, Epinikion's fusion of sports-driven determination and a love for symphonic metal sets them apart. Like a metalhead's mosh pit chant, they chant their own anthem of victory over adversity, sung with the verve of an "epinikion".
So, next time you find yourself swept away by the triumphant echoes of Epinikion's symphonic conquests, remember, it's not just music; it's the sound of athletes reborn as maestros, crafting an opus that defies conventions and resonates with the champions in all of us.