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Unleash the Doom: Gravehuffer Drops New Live Video "Inferno" from the Abyss of Denver
Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for a cataclysmic collision of sonic chaos, as the unholy force that is Gravehuffer tears through the fabric of reality with their latest release, "Inferno". This relentless, thrash-infused punk-doom extravaganza is about to hit you like a freight train loaded with sludge, and trust me, you're not going to know what hit you. Get ready to be baptized in the blackened abyss of sound, my fellow metalheads!
Hailing from the depths of Joplin, MO, Gravehuffer has been carving their own path of sonic destruction since 2008. But let's get one thing straight – these guys aren't content with just a single genre. Oh no, they've blended crust, punk, metal, grindcore, and sludge-laden doom into a concoction that's more potent than the darkest potion you can imagine. It's a musical cauldron that defies conformity, and it's bubbling over with sheer raw power.
Their latest opus, "Depart From So Much Evil", is a sonic journey that's as ambitious as it is unapologetic. Featuring a mammoth 22-minute title track that draws inspiration from Dante's Divine Comedy, this is an odyssey that'll plunge you headfirst into the depths of inferno, purgatorio, and paradisio – all in the original Tuscan version, mind you. Three vinyl record designs, three parts of Dante's realm, and one hell of a musical experience.
But wait, there's more! Feast your eyes on the newly unleashed live video for "Inferno", recorded at The Rickhouse in Denver, CO. This is not just a performance; it's a visceral, bone-shaking ritual that captures Gravehuffer at their most primal. If you're ready to embrace the darkness, check out the video here: Gravehuffer - "Inferno" (Live from The Rickhouse, Denver CO).
And hey, let's not forget the vivid realms of "Paradise", the official visualizer that will plunge you into a state of doom-induced trance: Gravehuffer - "Paradise" (Official Visualizer).
For those who crave the unrelenting intensity of Gravehuffer on the go, the musical abyss awaits on Spotify. Follow them, worship them, and let their sonic assault infiltrate your playlists: Gravehuffer on Spotify.
But wait, there's even more ways to pledge your allegiance to this infernal horde. Head over to their lair on Bandcamp to support their sonic endeavors: Gravehuffer on Bandcamp.
And as you delve deeper into the void, make sure to follow Gravehuffer and their enigmatic overlords at Black Doomba Records across the interwebs. Here are the portals to their domains:

So there you have it, brave souls of metal. Gravehuffer has summoned "Inferno" from the depths, and it's ready to consume your senses. Embrace the chaos, succumb to the doom, and let the sonic onslaught reshape your reality. Your journey into the abyss begins now.