Infernal Throne - Cataclysm Of The Soul


Upcoming Release:

"CAELUM ET INFERNUM": Unleash the Infernal Firestorm of Hellenic Black/Thrash Metal with INFERNAL THRONE's Debut Album!
Prepare to be baptized in the fiery crucible of sound as Hellenic black/thrash metal juggernaut, INFERNAL THRONE, storms onto the world stage with their debut masterpiece, "CAELUM ET INFERNUM". With the infernal power that only the ancients could muster, INFERNAL THRONE, hailing from the venerable city of Corinth, have ignited a sonic maelstrom that will engulf you in the unrelenting flames of their unparalleled fury.
Emerging from the primordial depths of December 2019, INFERNAL THRONE made their presence known with the incendiary single "Torment" – a blistering testament to their unwavering commitment to forging a unique brand of Black/Thrash Metal that defies boundaries. This was just the spark that ignited the blaze. In November 2020, they unleashed their sonic tempest upon the world with the mini-album "Back To The Abyss", etching their name on the metallic map and earning their place among the "Best Releases of 2020".
But the infernal saga was far from over. INFERNAL THRONE's ascendancy continued with their contribution to the 5-way split album "Legends And Warriors Of The Corinthian Throne" in March 2023, an alliance formed in the crucible of Hellenic Metal World. This union of forces set the stage for their unstoppable odyssey, fueled by their passion and dedication to their craft.
Now, the time of reckoning has come. As anticipation boils over, INFERNAL THRONE stands ready to unleash their debut opus, "CAELUM ET INFERNUM". This auditory onslaught is a journey through shadows, a descent into the abyss of sound, and a triumph of infernal artistry.
Behold the Infernal Tracklist:
A World Of Chaos (Intro)
Wings Of Winter (feat Greg Barlas)
Desolation (feat Kerveros)
Among Two Worlds (feat Greg Barlas)
Caelum Et Infernum
And Lead Us Not Into Temptation
Thy Flame Of Darkness
Cataclysm Of The Soul (feat Greg Barlas)
Αιώνια Ζωή (Eternal Life - feat Archon)
No Hope, No Pain (Outro)
But that's not all – brace yourselves for a celestial gathering of infernal forces. "CAELUM ET INFERNUM" features collaborations with some of Greece's most respected musical forces, elevating the album's intensity to uncharted heights. The stellar lineup of guest artists adds a layer of darkness and depth that will echo through the annals of time.
The infernal reckoning begins on September 15th, 2023, when "CAELUM ET INFERNUM" ignites the digital realm with its cataclysmic power. For those who demand a tangible connection with the infernal might, the Jewel Case CD release, accompanied by a 12-page booklet, will materialize on September 29th, 2023.
With three scorching singles already unleashed upon the masses, the anticipation builds for the grand inferno to come. Brace yourselves, for the legions are assembling, ready to embrace the unstoppable onslaught of Hellenic black/thrash metal supremacy.
Join us in celebrating the unholy union of INFERNAL THRONE and Theogonia Records, as we embark on a journey to carve an indelible mark within the black and thrash metal pantheon. "CAELUM ET INFERNUM" is on the horizon, and together, we shall unleash an inferno that will echo through eternity. Prepare for the infernal baptism, for darkness and fire await.