LORDS-OF-SALEM - "The Hills Have Eyes"


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LORDS-OF-SALEM Unleash Sinister Single "The Hills Have Eyes" - Prepare for a Rockin' Horror Ride
Get ready to dive into the darkness and face the sinister with LORDS OF SALEM's spine-tingling new single, "The Hills Have Eyes", set to unleash its auditory terror on August 25th, 2023. Hailing from the depths of Stuttgart, Germany, this rock powerhouse is here to remind you that the hills are alive... with eyes that are watching your every move.
Release Date: August 25th, 2023
They say music is the devil's playground, and with LORDS OF SALEM, that playground has never been darker. In a homage to the spine-chilling horror classic "The Hills Have Eyes", this single thrusts you straight into a world where fear reigns supreme and escape is just a distant dream.
Picture this: it's a moonlit night, and you're navigating through a desolate landscape where the hills themselves have eyes that watch your every step. It's Wes Craven's nightmare brought to life through LORDS OF SALEM's haunting melodies and bone-chilling lyrics.
Drawing inspiration from the film's iconic performances by Michael Berryman and Dee Wallace, "The Hills Have Eyes" captures the suspense, the terror, and the darkness that made the movie an instant cult classic. Like the harbingers of doom, LORDS OF SALEM rise from the shadows, luring you into a world where your every move is anticipated, your every breath is heard.
The music hits like a sledgehammer, with guitar riffs that cut through the air like a blood-stained blade and a rhythm section that pounds like a heart racing in the dark. This is a song that seeps into your very soul, leaving you powerless in its grasp, just as the hills themselves have no mercy.
The lyrics are a direct conduit to the film's spine-chilling atmosphere, a portal to a world of horror that's impossible to resist. They pull you deeper into the abyss, capturing the darkness in a way that makes your heart race and your skin crawl.
But don't be fooled – "The Hills Have Eyes" isn't just a homage; it's a sonic beast that stands tall on its own. This track is more than just a tribute – it's a testament to LORDS OF SALEM's prowess in creating dark rock that grips your soul and refuses to let go.
Ready to face the music that stalks the night? "The Hills Have Eyes" is now available on all major streaming platforms and as a digital download. Brace yourself for a rockin' horror ride that will haunt your senses long after the last note fades.
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As you step into the shadowy world of "The Hills Have Eyes", remember that rock and horror have collided to create a symphony of darkness that will echo in your nightmares. Brace yourself for a wild ride, because when LORDS OF SALEM summon their music from the depths, you better believe that even the bravest metalheads will feel a chill down their spines. 🤘