Moonlight Haze - Animus

Unleashing the Power of Time: Moonlight Haze's "Animus" Still Reigns After 1.5 Years!
Greetings, fellow metal wanderers, for today we embark on a journey through the passages of time to revisit a symphonic album that continues to resonate with the very essence of our souls. In the heart of Italy's sonic forge, Moonlight Haze forged an opus for the ages – "Animus" – an album that, even after 1.5 years, refuses to relinquish its grip on our spirits.
Rewind to March 18, 2022, when Moonlight Haze unfurled their third studio masterpiece, "Animus", upon an unsuspecting world. Founded in 2018 by the dynamic duo of vocal enchantress Chiara Tricarico and rhythmic conjurer Giulio Capone, the band's lineup was fortified by the mighty bass sorcerer Alessandro Jacobi, whose talents also grace the realm of Elvenking, alongside the dual guitar conjurers, Alberto Melinato and Marco Falanga – a fellowship that could enchant even the stoniest of hearts.
As our temporal journey lands us in the present, the lingering echoes of "Animus" still reverberate like an incantation that refuses to fade. Chiara Tricarico, the voice that guides us through this symphonic odyssey, shared her thoughts on the album's enduring power: "This record represents a huge step up for Moonlight Haze’s songwriting and sound. It got each of us excited since the very first melodies and lines that had been written. It’s an introspective work, but at the same time, it looks at the world outside – willing to bring a bright message of vitality and rebirth. Hence the title, ‘Animus’, a Latin word that has different meanings: vital force, conscience, soul, mind, and courage as well".
Time has a way of revealing the true power of creations, and "Animus" stands as a testament to that. The tracks, once newborn anthems, have now grown into ageless hymns.
So, my fellow guardians of the riff, let us celebrate the enduring magic of Moonlight Haze's "Animus". Whether you're a seasoned traveler of symphonic realms or a neophyte seeking auditory enlightenment, this album's power is undiminished. The symphony continues to unfold, the melodies continue to enchant, and the spirit of metal persists as a force that defies the ages.
Let the luminous aura of "Animus" guide you through the ever-turning tapestry of existence, for in the world of metal, time is but a riff, and the echoes of this sonic sorcery shall resonate for eternity.