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Unleash the Thrashocalypse: PSYCHOSOMATIC Announces Epic East Coast Rampage and Teases New Releases
Psychosomatic - Personality Agenda
Hold onto your battle vests, metalheads, because the California thrash metal juggernauts PSYCHOSOMATIC are about to unleash a seismic storm of riffs, chaos, and unadulterated thrash-fueled mayhem upon the East Coast! If you thought your neck was safe, think again, because these veteran shredders are gearing up for the "Escaping The Prison Tour 2023", and it's bound to be a relentless onslaught that'll leave venues in ruins and metalheads thirsting for more.
It's been a minute since PSYCHOSOMATIC graced the stage with their presence, and you better believe they're coming back with a vengeance. Fresh off the release of their skull-crushing album "The Invisible Prison" in 2020, these Bay Area crossover maniacs are poised to ignite mosh pits and unleash auditory chaos like never before. They've teamed up with Chicago's d-beat marauders NEQUIENT for this explosive run of dates that will undoubtedly become the stuff of thrash metal legend.
And that's not all, my fellow thrashaholics! The "Escaping The Prison Tour 2023" isn't just about PSYCHOSOMATIC and NEQUIENT – Boston's relentless thrashers Black Mass are joining the fray for select dates, turning this tour into a three-headed metal hydra that's out for blood. This is your chance to witness the convergence of thrash, d-beat, and unadulterated chaos, all in one epic night of neck-breaking glory.
Here's where the thrashpocalypse will unfold:
Oct 05 Atlantic City, NJ – Anchor Rock Club w/ Black Mass
Oct 06 Brooklyn, NY – Bootleg Bar w/ Nequient, Black Mass
Oct 07 Boston, MA – O'Brien's Pub w/ Nequient, Black Mass
Oct 08 Cape Cod, MA – Arcade Bar w/ Nequient, Black Mass
Oct 09 Providence, RI – Dusk w/ Nequient
Oct 10 Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie w/ Nequient
Oct 11 Baltimore, MD – The Depot w/ Nequient
Oct 12 Chesapeake, VA – RiffHouse Pub w/ Nequient
Oct 13 Richmond, VA – Bandito's w/ Nequient
Oct 14 Raleigh, NC – Chapel of Bones w/ Nequient

But that's not the only news that's sending shockwaves through the metal realm. PSYCHOSOMATIC is already hard at work, forging their eighth LP, set to invade your eardrums in 2024. As if that wasn't enough to ignite your anticipation, they're reissuing a slew of earlier and out-of-print titles through Nefarious Industries in the coming months. Prepare yourselves, because PSYCHOSOMATIC is on a rampage, and there's no stopping this thrash-infused juggernaut.
With more than three decades of wrecking stages across the US and Canada, PSYCHOSOMATIC has become a veritable force of nature. They've shared the spotlight with metal royalty like Exodus, Vio-lence, Death Angel, and more, cementing their status as thrash metal legends. Their album "The Invisible Prison" proved that their sonic brutality knows no bounds, and now, the promise of new releases on the horizon is enough to send any metalhead into a frenzy.
So there you have it, metal brethren. Brace yourselves for a tour that's about to redefine thrash metal insanity. PSYCHOSOMATIC is back, and they're ready to incite a musical riot that'll leave you in awe. Keep your horns raised and your necks fortified – the "Escaping The Prison Tour 2023" is about to detonate!