Sargassus - "King of the Sun"

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Sargassus Unleashes Their Fiery EP "King of the Sun" - A Post-Metal Odyssey from the Heart of Finland
Alright, metalheads, it's time to throw on your blackest black attire and prepare to be blasted into a sonic realm that defies categorization. The Finnish masters of post-metal mayhem, Sargassus, are about to unleash their latest auditory assault, "King of the Sun", and let me tell you, it's hotter than a dragon's breath in the heart of a volcano. Get ready to have your eardrums melted and your minds blown, because these guys aren't here to play nice.
Release Date: August 17th, 2023
Format: Digital
Genre: Post Metal
Country: Finland
If you've been craving a musical journey that's as intense as a Viking raid and as mind-bending as a Lovecraftian nightmare, then mark August 17th on your calendar in bold, blood-red letters. That's the day when Sargassus's new EP, "King of the Sun", will emerge from the fiery depths, courtesy of Inverse Records. Trust me, you're not ready for what's about to hit you.
Sargassus - Breed of the Exodus
Dies Iræ
Queen of the Moon
Breed of the Exodus
King of the Sun
Now, let's talk about the mad geniuses behind this sonic onslaught. Sargassus isn't your run-of-the-mill metal band – they're the sonic architects of chaos, operating somewhere in the twisted realms of post-metal and progressive death metal. Led by guitar sorcerer Teemu Leskinen and drum deity Matias Rokio, Sargassus has been lurking in the shadows for over a decade, honing their craft, and plotting their grand musical odyssey.
What's their secret sauce, you ask? It's a potent concoction of instinct and chemistry. Most of their songs are birthed from live jam sessions, where Rokio and Leskinen let their musical souls intertwine like mythical beasts dancing under a moonlit sky. It's this magical synergy that's led them to create an EP that's more epic than a Viking saga and more unpredictable than a metalhead's taste in band t-shirts.
But that's not all. Joining this auditory crusade is vocalist Matias Stenman, whose pipes can summon storm gods and awaken ancient spirits. And we can't forget Jukka Teppola on bass – the rumbling heartbeat that drives Sargassus's sonic machine forward.
Now, let's delve into the inspiration behind the madness. Sargassus draws their thematic energy from mythology and literature, tapping into the cosmic forces that have fueled tales of gods, monsters, and epic battles since time immemorial.
So, metal warriors, brace yourselves for an EP that's been forged in the fires of creativity and crafted with the precision of a master blacksmith. Follow the call of the riffs, the drums, and the howling vocals as Sargassus takes you on a journey that's as intricate as a rune inscription and as powerful as the roar of a winter storm.
Finnish post-metal? More like a symphony of sonic sorcery that's ready to engulf you in its molten embrace. Get ready, metalheads – "King of the Sun" is coming, and it's about to leave you in awe, wonder, and a state of headbanging ecstasy. So crank up the volume, throw up those horns, and prepare for a post-metal voyage that'll shake your soul to its very core. 🤘