Shocker - "Injecting The Parasite"


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Belgium's Metal Marvels Shocker Unleash "Injecting The Parasite" - The Musical Epidemic You've Been Waiting For!
Ladies and gentlemen, grab your metal helmets and brace yourselves for the seismic shock that's about to hit your auditory system! The year 2018 marked the genesis of a musical juggernaut that's been charging through Belgium's metal scene like a bat out of hell – none other than the electrifying SHOCKER. But let's not just dive into the present; let's journey back to where it all began.
The minds behind SHOCKER, Sammy and Koen, have been brewing this beast since time immemorial. But like all great things, it took time for destiny to align. Challenges, obligations, and the inevitable chaos of daily lives delayed their sonic onslaught, but when it finally arrived, it was worth the wait.

Now, here's the beauty of SHOCKER – their musical backgrounds are as diverse as a metalhead's collection of band t-shirts. Yet, amidst this symphony of differences, they've conjured a unique sound that's the sonic equivalent of lighting a firecracker in a hurricane. Mixing and melding genres with the grace of a headbanging maestro, SHOCKER refuses to be chained by genre boundaries. They're walking the path less traveled, and trust us, it's paved with riffs that'll send shivers down your spine.
Their first EP dropped in March 2021, and the reviews were nothing short of electrifying. The promise they showed then was only the beginning. The flames of creativity raged on, birthing songs that are heavier, darker, and more ferocious than ever before. And now, dear metal maniacs, hold onto your battle vests, for SHOCKER is proud to announce the grand arrival of their debut album in 2023!
The journey from studio to stage is a tale in itself. Within the hallowed walls of closed sessions recording studio, with Kristof Maes expertly manning the knobs, the debut EP was brought to life. But their fiery forge wasn't quenched there. No, they emerged stronger, with a full album that promises to be a force of nature.
The sonic alchemy that shaped the album was conjured within the sacred confines of shellshock studios. Pieter Nyckees' hands molded and mixed the raw energy, while Frederik Dejongh of Jerboa Mastering added the final touch of sonic sorcery.
Before we part ways, let's meet the marauders who bring SHOCKER to life:
Vocal: Sammy Peleman (ex After All, ex September Sin)
Bass/Backing: Koen Vanassche (ex Gea Bolga, ex Wapenspraak & Drinkgelag...)
Guitar/Keys: Chris Dedeurwaerder (ex Phoenix Rebellion)
Guitar: David Vandewalle (ex Anesthesy, ex Artrach)
Drums: Louis Genovese

So, metalhead brethren, fasten your seatbelts, secure your neck braces, and prepare to be shocked to your core. SHOCKER is here to conquer, to ignite, and to remind you why metal is more than just music – it's a way of life. Get ready to be injected with the sonic parasite – resistance is futile, and surrender to the riff is your only option!