Sinsation - "I Am Man"


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CA's Sinsation Unleashes "I Am Man" - A Vampiric Metal Saga that Pierces the Soul

Darkness descends upon the land, and from the heart of Santa Barbara, an ancient and ferocious force emerges – SINSATION. Their latest opus, "I Am Man," beckons to all those who seek the depths of humanity's twisted existence. Prepare, fellow metallers, for a journey into the heart of the night where power, passion, and vampiric intrigue collide.
"I Am Man" is not merely a song; it's a transcendent experience, a symphony that delves deep into the catacombs of human history. Through roaring riffs and relentless rhythms, SINSATION plunges us into the tumultuous tides of conflict fueled by an insatiable craving for dominion and wealth.
"I Am Man" is a song that shines a light on the centuries-long subjugation of women. The song begins by exploring the way that women have been portrayed as the downfall of humanity, from the Middle Ages to the present day. The song goes on to describe the brutal realities of women around the world. SINSATION masterfully exposes the stark brutality that women have endured throughout history. The song's haunting melodies capture the struggle, defiance, and indomitable spirit of women.
But wait, my nocturnal companions, the journey is not confined to mere sonic realms. SINSATION, led by the enigmatic Sado Rabaudi, thrusts us into a world where vampires roam. The accompanying video is a visual extravaganza, a nightmarish ballet that dances between reality and the supernatural. As vampires prowl, and darkness reigns, "I Am Man" is no longer a song – it's an epic tale that enshrouds us in its embrace.
Behold, the bloodthirsty clan of SINSATION! Born amidst the moonlit Hollywood haunts of The Viper Room and Whiskey Go Go, this dark ensemble is a symphony of metal, rock, and gothic allure. Their music, a potion of unbridled power and vampiric fervor, captivates audiences with its seductive embrace. Their unholy pact with Sodeh Records marks a new era, and as their intoxicating aura spreads, resistance becomes futile.
Emerging from the shadows of the Zombie Prom in 2019, SINSATION's formation was no accident. The cosmic forces aligned, forging a musical covenant that defies the ordinary. With the echoes of Arch Enemy, Black Sabbath, and Lamb of God coursing through their veins, SINSATION concocted an alchemical fusion that's unmistakably their own.
Guided by Jaxxrock Entertainment, SINSATION's rise has been meteoric. From the hallowed halls of the Viper Room to triumphant victories at the Metal Meeting in Arizona, they've painted the world with their unique darkness. Even the challenges of a pandemic couldn't halt their march. They released singles paired with mesmerizing videos, leaving an indelible mark on the sonic landscape.
The endorsements of revered entities like TigerLuv Guitars, Warp Core Pickups, and more, serve as proof of their otherworldly allure. Deals with TerrorCrew Production, AMG Records, and Kingside Records solidify their ascent to vampiric glory. Their sound, their presence, it's all consuming – a torrent of energy that defies containment.
With frontwoman Stacy McKiller's captivating vocal prowess and Sado's exceptional guitar virtuosity, SINSATION stands poised to unleash their musical brilliance upon the world. "Up Until Now" and "Horns Up Fangs Out," released under the Metal Assault Records banner, herald a new era for the clan. Managed by Reapers Underground Productions, their trajectory knows no bounds. And with an upcoming album and visually stunning videos on the horizon, all under the banner of Sodeh Records, their reign of darkness is unstoppable.
SINSATION's essence pulses through live performances that shatter reality, videos that ensnare the senses, and recordings that etch their mark into the fabric of time. As the world braces for the onslaught, SINSATION remains unyielding, unfaltering, and untamed. Join the legion, embrace the night, and bear witness to a musical odyssey that transcends the confines of reality.
Stacy McKiller - Vocals
Sado Rabaudi - Guitars
Sammy “Fearce” McPherson - Guitar
Mike Fitzgerald - Bass
Billy Browne - Drums
In a realm where shadows intertwine and the music resonates with primal power, SINSATION emerges as the heralds of a new age. Let their symphonies wash over you, and as the darkness embraces, remember – you are one with the night.