Sylvie Filloux and Matt Matteo - "J'aimerais voir le monde"


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Sylvie Filloux and Matt Matteo: Unleashing a Rocking Duet That Will Shake Your Soul
Hey there, fellow metal warriors and rock enthusiasts.
Get ready to witness a seismic collision of talent that's bound to set the music world ablaze. Sylvie Filloux, the acting juggernaut who's graced our screens in unforgettable roles in "Demain nous appartient", "Astrid et Raphael", and "Le remplaçant", is diving headfirst into uncharted territory – the realm of rock music! Yes, you read that right – Sylvie Filloux, the name that echoes through our TV screens, is now stepping under the spotlight with a microphone in one hand and a whole lot of rock 'n' roll spirit in the other!

Hold onto your leather jackets, because this is no ordinary rendezvous. Sylvie Filloux and Matt Matteo, the rock sensation who's been riding high on the charts of Top Tonic throughout this year, have joined forces to create a musical concoction that's set to blow your mind. Picture a duet that's as electrifying as a lightning storm at a rock 'n' roll carnival – that's what "J'aimerais voir le monde", their explosive single slated for release on September 13, 2023, promises to be.
"But who's this Matt Matteo?" you ask, curiosity sparking like a well-timed guitar solo. Well, get ready to meet a rock dynamo who's been making waves in the music scene. Remember Bring The Noise's rock guru, Pierre? He's given his nod of approval to Matt Matteo, and when the rock gods are pleased, you know something legendary is in the works. Matt Matteo snagged the spotlight on EUROPE 2's "Happy Rock Hour", turning that hour into a rock pilgrimage for all who tuned in.
But wait, there's more – Matt Matteo's hit single, "J'en ai dit des conneries", didn't just knock on the Top Tonic's door on February 26, 2023; it kicked the door down and claimed the number one spot for a record-breaking 18 weeks. Move over, Black Eyed Peas, because Matteo is taking the reins with a rock 'n' roll spirit that's undeniable.
Now, before you think this rock crusader is confined to a single realm, think again. Matt Matteo's musical conquests extend far and wide, from Redline Radio and Spoon Radio in Switzerland to the resonating waves of Top Fm Réunion and Rock Station on the vibrant Reunion Island. His music isn't just a sound; it's a force that's conquering airwaves and igniting souls.
So, fellow rock aficionados, circle that date on your calendar, set your reminders, and prepare to have your musical senses awakened. Sylvie Filloux and Matt Matteo are gearing up to deliver a duet that's not just a song – it's a seismic eruption of rock 'n' roll energy that's bound to reverberate through your very soul. Stay tuned, crank up the volume, and let the harmonious chaos of their collaboration take you on a rock odyssey like no other!
Matt Matteo - J'aimerais voir le monde (feat Sylvie Filloux)