The Haptics - "Zeroes"


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The Haptics: Illuminating Mental Health Depths with "Zeroes" - A Harmonious Ode to Unity and Resilience
In the ever-shifting tapestry of life, few journeys are as profound as those that traverse the realms of mental health. Vancouver's enigmatic force, THE HAPTICS, shines a haunting light on this intricate expedition with their latest release, 'Zeroes.' Step into the abyss of emotions and melodies that intertwine to form a tribute as heartfelt as it is sonically captivating.
"Zeroes" isn't just a song – it's a passage through the corridors of mental struggle, painted in poignant notes and adorned with the indomitable unity of shared experiences. To anyone who's wandered through the haunting hallways of psychiatric care, the desolate expanse and hollow gazes are a somber reminder. Yet, beneath the shadows, a powerful connection binds those who suffer together. Even at the lowest points, unity emerges as a beacon of hope. The inspiration for these words arose from the depths of such unity, fueled by a poignant encounter Jin had with a mental health patient years ago. A soul she met, whose journey was tragically cut short during her time under care.
But let's not just stop at the emotional resonance; THE HAPTICS have ensured that "Zeroes" permeates your very existence through various platforms. Embrace "Zeroes" and add it to your playlist on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, and YouTube Music, among other digital sanctuaries.
The tale of THE HAPTICS is one that began in 2022, fueled by a shared love for post-punk that knows no bounds. Anchored in Vancouver, their sonic canvas is a fusion of dark post-punk beats intertwined with the raw authenticity of Alternative Rock and the fierce grit of Grunge. But the moniker 'THE HAPTICS' isn't merely a name – it's a declaration of their intent to explore music as a sensory journey.
In the symphony of their evolution, traces of influences like Joy Division and The Cure are woven seamlessly into a modern narrative. They have boldly embraced the genre, breathing new life into its veins. Their live performances, adorned with high-octane energy and introspective lyrics, encapsulate audiences in a captivating embrace.
Their debut album, an offering birthed in the latter half of 2022, drew accolades for its evocative emotions and instrumental prowess. But THE HAPTICS are more than just musicians; they are creators, steeped in the world of visual arts that reflect their unique aesthetic.
From their strong social media presence to collaborations that expand their fanbase, THE HAPTICS are a force of nature in the modern musical landscape. Their willingness to experiment keeps their sound as fresh and unpredictable as the winds that carry their melodies.
Jin - Vocals
Cam - Guitar
Brent - Bass
Flavio - Drums
As "Zeroes" reverberates through your soul and ignites a fire within, let THE HAPTICS remind us that music isn't just an escape; it's an unbreakable thread that binds us all. From the depths of mental health struggles to the heights of sonic exploration, their journey becomes ours, and together we find solace, unity, and the strength to endure.