The Uneven - "Don't Blame Me"


New Release: Single "Don't Blame Me"

Unleash the Roar: The Uneven Returns with "Don't Blame Me"
Ladies and gentlemen of the heavy riff congregation, brace yourselves for a seismic awakening! The time has come for Nashville's own riff-laden titans, The Uneven, to burst back onto the scene, wielding their sonic weapons with the ferocity of a grunge-infused storm. The silence has been shattered, the amps are cranked to eleven, and the gods of rock are once again appeased.
Hitting the airwaves like a meteor of pure rock energy, The Uneven was released their new single, "Don't Blame Me", on August 18th, 2023. Are you prepared to be engulfed in the gritty embrace of their hard rock, stoner rock, and alt-rock fusion? This release is not just a single; it's a declaration of rock supremacy, a battle cry that resonates from the streets of Nashville to the farthest corners of the rock 'n' roll universe.
After a year and a half of silence that left us in musical withdrawal, The Uneven is back in action, and they've got more in store than just a single dose of sonic salvation. Mark your calendars, fellow rock warriors, because this heralds the impending arrival of their debut album, slated to grace our ears this October. The wait is over, and the anticipation has reached critical mass.
Imagine the unholy union of 70s blues rock and hard rock, infused with the raw angst of 90s grunge and the intoxicating fuzz of early 2000s stoner rock. That's the sonic concoction that The Uneven seamlessly brews. They're not just a band; they're a sonic alchemist, weaving together the threads of musical eras into a tapestry of unapologetic rock energy.
Critics have showered praise on The Uneven, with comparisons ranging from "Deep Purple meets Soundgarden" to "Black Sabbath meets Queens of the Stone Age". And then there's the wild card: "This is for fans of The Doors, The Clash, and The Smiths". If that doesn't paint a diverse and intriguing picture, then you're not ready to ride the sonic rollercoaster that is The Uneven.
Flashback to 2020 when the world was a different place, and The Uneven unleashed their debut single, "Punching Bag". It was like a musical haymaker that caught the attention of international blogs and rocked the eardrums of anyone within earshot. And they didn't stop there; they hit us with "No More Violations", and in 2021, they announced their presence with "Loud," earning them comparisons to the mighty Queens of the Stone Age.
Their live debut on March 14, 2023, at The Basement in Nashville marked a new chapter in their journey, and their hometown publication, "Nashville Voyager", aptly labeled them an "Artist You Should Know". As their sonic journey continues, the flames of anticipation burn hotter than ever.
But wait, there's more! Experience their seismic force on YouTube:
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And let us not forget the architects behind this rock revolution. The Uneven is composed of Andrew Hooker, who weaves tales with his lead vocals and guitar; Robert Allen Parker, the six-string sorcerer; Justin Smith, the bass warrior; and Chris Potocik, the rhythmic thunder.
So, comrades of the riff, prepare to be ensnared in the whirlwind of The Uneven. Today, "Don't Blame Me" is the anthem, and The Uneven is the electrifying force that will ignite your rock 'n' roll soul. Raise your horns, crank up the volume, and let the uneasiness of The Uneven's riff-driven magic conquer your senses!