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Trounce Unleashes a Noisy Circus Live at Roadburn - Prepare for a Metal Carnival of Chaos!
Hey there, metalheads and noise enthusiasts, grab your earplugs and hold on tight, because Swiss metal juggernaut TROUNCE has just released a live sonic hurricane that's set to blow your mind! Brace yourselves for "The Circus (Live at Roadburn)", a tantalizing taste of their upcoming debut album "The Seven Crowns + Live at Roadburn", ready to burst forth like a raging beast on October 20th via Hummus Records.
Picture this: a swirling maelstrom of noise rock madness, a concoction so audacious and raw it'll hit you like a sucker punch to the gut. TROUNCE, the Swiss metallers on a mission, are here to shatter your eardrums and give your senses a roller coaster ride they won't soon forget. "The Circus (Live at Roadburn)" isn't just a song; it's a sonic carnival that'll have you headbanging and moshing in the middle of your living room!
Embrace the Chaos with "The Circus (Live at Roadburn)"
If you're craving something that'll rattle your bones and twist your mind, "The Circus (Live at Roadburn)" is your golden ticket. This live version captures the raw energy and untamed spirit that TROUNCE unleashes on stage, making it feel like you're right there in the midst of the metal mayhem. Blastbeats collide with pulsating rhythms, while the vocals add a layer of bizarre intensity that'll make you question reality itself.
If you're still wondering what the heck this "noise rock" thing is all about, just hit play on "The Circus (Live at Roadburn)". It's a bit like taking a roller coaster through a chaotic carnival, with each note and riff adding to the thrilling ride. From blistering guitar work to hypnotic grooves, TROUNCE knows how to keep you on your toes while banging your head. This is a journey you won't want to miss.
Jona Nido, the creative mastermind behind TROUNCE, sheds light on the origins of "The Circus." He points out its fusion of noise rock and a touch of industrial, all while adding his own twist to a unique blend. Drawing inspiration from Oranssi Pazuzu's monumental 18-minute track "Vasemman käden hierarkia," Jona infuses his own interpretation into the mix, creating a sonic oddity that's as catchy as it is bewildering. It's metal alchemy at its finest!
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So there you have it, brave souls of the metal realm. TROUNCE is ready to unleash their "Circus" upon you, complete with noise-rock whirlwinds, mind-bending riffs, and a carnival of chaos that'll make your heart race and your head spin. Embrace the madness, secure your preorders, and prepare for an electrifying experience that's bound to leave you craving more!