Truly Fine Citizens - Time to Shine


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Just two days ago, the metal world was shaken to its core as Truly Fine Citizens, the formidable metal force hailing from Denver, Colorado, released their latest single, "Time to Shine". Buckle up, fellow metalheads, because this track is not for the faint of heart!
Formed in 2021, Truly Fine Citizens quickly carved their name into the annals of the metal universe with their debut EP, "Fortune of Misery". The release delivered an intense vision of metal equal parts brutal, technical, and atmospheric. Since then, the band has earned a reputation for their enthralling visceral performances, commanding captive audiences to take part in the chaos.
"Time to Shine" takes listeners on a hypnotic journey through the dark abyss of alcoholism. Inspired thematically by Stephen King’s classic The Shining, the thrash-fueled song finds the quartet scoring a soundtrack to the psychosis of addiction. Brace yourselves for a sonic rollercoaster that will have you headbanging like there's no tomorrow.
Imagine being in the midst of a mosh pit, surrounded by headbangers losing themselves to the relentless rhythms and infectious hooks of "Time to Shine". This song has an otherworldly power to commandeer your senses and send you on a headbanging frenzy, making it impossible not to succumb to the madness.
But what truly sets Truly Fine Citizens apart is their electric live performances. Known for their enthralling shows that leave audiences both mesmerized and exhausted, these metallers know how to whip a crowd into a moshing frenzy. When you witness a Truly Fine Citizens gig, you'll experience a storm of riffs, thunderous drums, and electrifying solos that will haunt you long after the amps have stopped buzzing.
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For those who crave the full experience, dive into the epic world of Truly Fine Citizens with their debut EP, "Fortune of Misery." Brace yourself for an intense fusion of metal mastery that will leave you craving more!
So, fellow metalheads, it's time to unite and embrace the madness that is Truly Fine Citizens. Let their blistering riffs and thunderous rhythms unleash your inner headbanging beast. Trust us; this is one journey you won't want to miss!