Animamortua - "Gods Among Us"


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Maltese Mayhem: Animamortua Unleashes "Gods Among Us"
Progressive Power/Thrash Metal Titans to Conquer the Metal Realm
Release Date: October 20, 2023 via UNDERGROUND SYMPHONY RECORDS
Premiere of their clip Wednesday 20 September
In the heart of the Mediterranean, where knights once battled fierce adversaries and legends were etched into the stone walls of history, there emerges a new force to reckon with. Malta, known for its historic treasures, has given birth to a modern-day juggernaut in the world of metal – Animamortua. Brace yourselves, my fellow headbangers, as these Maltese marauders prepare to unleash their thunderous offering, "Gods Among Us," upon the Metal pantheon.
Imagine the fiery union of Nevermore's intricate wizardry, Symphony X's symphonic grandeur, and the relentless power of Dio's 90s era, all distilled into one raging concoction. That's Animamortua for you, a band that's about to redefine the boundaries of Progressive Power/Thrash Metal.
Led by the formidable Juan Xerri on vocals, the band is a ferocious five-piece ensemble, also featuring the twin guitar assault of Clayton Cini and Emanuel Portelli, the thunderous basslines of Steven Azzopardi, and the relentless percussive prowess of Josef Bray. This lineup is like the Avengers of Maltese Metal – each member brings their unique superpower to the stage.
The magic of Animamortua isn't just in their individual virtuosity but in their alchemical collaboration. Their music is an explosive cocktail of aggressive guitar wizardry, melodic passages that caress your soul, vocals that pierce through your very being, and a rhythm section so fast-paced it could give The Flash a run for his money.
Animamortua's journey to the Metal Valhalla began in 2016 when they stormed onto the scene at the Xtreme Metal Assault festival in their homeland, Malta. Since then, they've laid waste to stages across the world, supporting major acts such as Blaze Bayley, Civil War, Orphaned Land, and Necronomicon. Their live performances are nothing short of charismatic chaos, earning them an unshakable reputation in the Maltese Metal scene.
But that's not all, my fellow metalheads. Animamortua isn't satisfied with merely conquering the stage. They've been crafting their sonic arsenal meticulously. After leaving fans in awe with their debut EP "State of Chaos," they are now poised to drop a bombshell that will resonate through the Metal cosmos.
Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for "Gods Among Us," their forthcoming album that promises to be an epic journey through the realms of power and thrash. Set to be released on October 20, 2023, via Underground Symphony Records, it's an offering that could very well summon the gods themselves.
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Malta might be known for its ancient history, but Animamortua is writing a new chapter in the annals of Metal. So, fasten your seatbelts, metalheads, because "Gods Among Us" is about to descend like a musical apocalypse, and you don't want to be caught without a helmet. Stay heavy, stay metal! \m/