Avenger of Blood - "Tyrants Of The Bloodlands"


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Unleash the Thrash: Avenger of Blood Strikes Again with "Tyrants Of The Bloodlands"!
Avenger of Blood, the Las Vegas-based titans of thrash, are back in town, and they're bringing the mother of all headbangers with them. NoLifeTilMetal Records proudly presents their latest video release: "Tyrants Of The Bloodlands". If you haven't heard of these thrash maniacs, it's time to unleash the beast within and dive headfirst into the mosh pit.
It's 2002, Las Vegas. The desert sun is scorching, and the strip is ablaze with neon lights. But amidst the glitz and glam, something sinister is brewing. Avenger of Blood emerges from the shadows, armed with razor-sharp riffs and a thirst for sonic mayhem. Fast forward to today, and they're still shredding harder than ever.
As one of the true pioneers of the New Wave of Thrash Metal scene from the early 2000s, Avenger of Blood has a resume that's more brutal than a pit full of rabid metalheads. They've unleashed three full-length albums upon the world: "Complete Annihilation" (2005), "Death Brigade" (2008), and "On Slaying Grounds" (2013). Each one of these records is like a musical Molotov cocktail, igniting a riot of headbanging and mayhem wherever it's played.
But that's not all. Avenger of Blood has left their mark on numerous compilation albums, including the aptly named "Speed Kills... Again" (2007). Clearly, these guys don't know the meaning of "rest".
After a hiatus that felt longer than a Slayer guitar solo, the band rose from the metal ashes in 2020, like a phoenix with a riff addiction. Their mission? To re-record their debut album with a twist, now aptly titled "Completely Re-Annihilated". It's the kind of dedication that only true metal warriors possess.
And if you thought they'd just throw these re-issues out into the wild without a second thought, think again. No, sir! Both the vinyl and CD versions have been lovingly remastered by none other than Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound. So, you can bet your battle jacket that these releases will hit you like a ton of bricks, but in the best way possible.
Now, who are the faces behind this thrash machine? Avenger of Blood is a formidable force led by the beastly Sal Lalli on vocals. Marc Flores and Chris Garcia handle the guitar duties, unleashing the fury of their six strings. Corey Sorrenti wields the bass and adds his formidable backing vocals to the mix. And last but not least, Shannon Frye pummels the drums with the kind of precision that makes your heart race faster than a double kick pedal on overdrive.
So, my fellow metalheads, prepare your necks, for they are about to undergo an epic workout. Dive into the blood-soaked madness of "Tyrants Of The Bloodlands" by clicking on this link:
And if you're itching to add some thrash to your collection, make sure to grab the remastered vinyl and CD re-issues because, let's face it, your record shelf deserves some sonic annihilation. Avenger of Blood is here to stay, and the Bloodlands are theirs for the taking. Thrash on! 🤘