CATALYST - Fire in the Engine Room


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CATALYST Takes You on a Sonic Journey with Their Album "The Age of Rocketeers" - Explosions on September 9, 2023!
CATALYST - Fire in the Engine Room
Hold on to your helmets, fellow metalheads, because something extraordinary is about to launch into your eardrums, and it's not a rocket—it's CATALYST! On September 9, 2023, these sonic astronauts are releasing their highly anticipated album, "The Age of Rocketeers." Trust me when I say this: you're in for a musical adventure that's as explosive as a supernova and as mind-bending as a wormhole.

For those not in the know, CATALYST is no newcomer to the intergalactic metal scene. They've already given us a taste of their musical prowess with CATALYST I and CATALYST II. But now, they're back with a full-blown album that's set to redefine the boundaries of sound and space.
The journey begins with a series of live performances at legendary venues, including Kavka in Antwerp, Casino in Sint-Niklaas, Biebob in Vosselaar, and Hell in Diest. Picture this: a stage engulfed in flames, guitars wailing like interstellar cries, and a crowd of metalheads ready to embark on a cosmic odyssey.
But what truly sets CATALYST apart is their unique approach. While most bands these days are dropping singles left and right like a trail of breadcrumbs, these cosmic explorers have gone all-in with a full album. Eight mind-bending songs await you, along with a mysterious instrumental interlude that'll leave you questioning the very fabric of reality. Is it music, or have we stumbled upon an extraterrestrial symphony?

So, how did they manage to create this sonic marvel? Well, it's a tale of talent, tenacity, and a touch of the otherworldly. Philip, the main composer, distilled the essence of a thousand riffs and solos into steel threads of musical brilliance. Aäron fearlessly shredded those threads and left his indelible mark, especially on "Constructed Truth/Pravda!" Sam, the percussionist extraordinaire, set the perfect rhythm, pushing the boundaries of human capability. Benjamin on bass and Jeroen on lead vocals brought bold compositions and intense duets to the cosmic table.
And let's not forget the thought-provoking lyrics that take aim at society's philosophical underbelly. These songs aren't just catchy; they're intellectual grenades that explode in your mind.
The album was recorded at Project Zero by Yarne Heylen, a process that involved intense concentration, dedication, philosophical discussions, deep thinking, birthday dinners with steak, string replacements, throat lubrication, and even jokes with the intern. Weeks of shared intimacy, with some opting for the luxury of a Bed & Breakfast, have undoubtedly forged a bond within the band that's as unbreakable as titanium.
Now, let's talk visual artistry. All the album's artwork was masterfully crafted by Lien Van Ranst, the sister of frontman Jeroen. The cover illustration depicts a boy racing towards launching rockets, blinded by explosions. It's a symbol of space exploration as a metaphor for societal evolution, where a select few hold the power to shape our world and humanity's future. These individuals, the "Rocketeers" of our age, are set to take center stage.
Here's the tracklist for "The Age of Rocketeers":
Your Struggle 04'13"
Stick to the Plan 04'14"
Solace 04'37"
Constructed Truth 03'48"
C.R.I.S.P.R. 04'41"
Spacewaste 01'19"
Fire in the Engine Room 05'02"
Take the Torch 04'58"
Rocketeer 05'02
Don't just take my word for it—get ready for liftoff on September 9, 2023. Follow CATALYST on social media and mark your calendars for a musical journey that'll take you to the outer reaches of the metal universe!

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