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Dark Angel Descends Upon Chile: Thrash Metal Legends Announce Exclusive Solo Show

Chilean metalheads, brace yourselves, because the gods of thrash are about to unleash a cataclysmic storm of sonic devastation like never before! Dark Angel, the legendary American thrash metal titans, are set to make their triumphant return to Chile for their very first solo performance on November 30th at the prestigious Teatro Cariola.
Dark Angel:
For those of you who might need a quick history lesson, Dark Angel has graced the Chilean soil twice before as part of The Metal Fest lineup, but this time, they're back with a vengeance, armed to the teeth with a full-throttle thrash metal onslaught that'll rattle your bones and electrify your soul.
Now, let's talk about the significance of this tour. It's not just another gig; it's a heartfelt tribute to their founding guitarist, the late Jim Durkin, who departed this mortal coil in March, sending shockwaves through both the band and their legion of die-hard fans. Dark Angel is on a mission to honor his memory and pay homage to their thrash metal legacy.
What can you expect from this monumental show, you ask? Brace yourselves for a relentless assault as Dark Angel performs their iconic 1986 album, "Darkness Descends," in its entirety. It's a sonic journey that will transport you back to the golden era of thrash, where headbanging and mosh pits ruled the land.
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While the local supporting acts are yet to be revealed, keep your horns up and eyes peeled for updates from Chargola Pro, the masterminds behind this thrash metal extravaganza.
Dark Angel hails from the hallowed grounds of the Californian thrash scene and, despite a couple of hiatuses in their storied career, they are far from fading into obscurity. With a relentless touring schedule that spans the globe, they've graced Chilean stages twice before, delivering explosive performances at The Metal Fest in 2014 and 2023. Now, just seven months after their last visit, they're back for an exclusive, extensive show that promises to encapsulate the very essence of their thrash journey, which began in 1983.
Tickets are already available via Ticketplus, and here's the breakdown of ticket prices (plus service charges):
Early Bird (First 200 tickets): $35,000
Early Bird 2: $38,000
Day of the Event: $42,000
VIP Boxes: $49,000

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This monumental event is brought to you by Chargola Pro & CKConcerts, so mark your calendars, secure your tickets, and prepare to be baptized in the molten steel of thrash metal history. Dark Angel is back, Chile, and they're ready to unleash hell!
For more information and updates, follow Chargola Pro's official channels.