Naitaka - "Hatchet Through Heartwood"


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Naitaka: Slicing Through the Metal Scene with "Hatchet Through Heartwood"
Prepare to have your eardrums assaulted and your soul ignited, because Canada's very own Naitaka is here to bring the house down with their debut full-length album, "Emergence". And what better way to herald this sonic onslaught than with their new lyric video, "Hatchet Through Heartwood"?

The Naitaka Odyssey:
Naitaka burst onto the scene from the depths of Kelowna, BC in 2019, and they're here to serve you a piping hot concoction of Thrash Metal, with a generous twist of Power and Melodic Death Metal. It's like a musical stew that's been brewing in the cauldron of Canadian metal talent.
Picture this: Lead vocalist Cara McCutchen (formerly of Mortillery, and ex-Minax), a true metal warrior hailing from Edmonton, AB, joined forces with guitarist Troy Melnyk (also from Edmonton, AB), drummer Tyler Dake, who proudly calls Kelowna, BC, home, and bassist John Shippit, another Kelowna native, to form the core of Naitaka. Add to this mix guitarist Cody Lonsdale, and you've got a lineup that's as fierce as a dragon in heat.
Alas, life in the metal trenches isn't always smooth. John Shippit had to temporarily step away due to a mountain of textbooks and exams. But fear not, for metalheads are resilient creatures! In May 2020, Naitaka hit the studio, determined to leave their mark with a self-titled 4-song EP.
But then, in a plot twist worthy of a metal concept album, September 2020 saw Cody Lonsdale taking his leave, leaving Naitaka in search of a second lead guitar player. The hunt was on!
Just when you thought the rollercoaster ride was over, in mid-October 2020, John Shippit made his triumphant return to the fold. With their lineup complete once more, Naitaka was ready to unleash their metal fury upon the world.

The Unstoppable Force of Naitaka:
February 2021 was a momentous occasion for the band as they finally birthed their EP into the world, releasing it on CD and digitally. But the band didn't rest on their laurels. No, siree! The pandemic couldn't stop these metal maniacs. They honed their craft, sharpened their axes, and forged new musical weapons in the fires of creativity.
And now, after all that anticipation, hard work, and the occasional lineup shuffle, Naitaka proudly presents their debut full-length album, "Emergence." This beast of an album hit the streets in April 2023, and they're ready to promote it with all the might of a metalhead at a vinyl record store sale.
Behold, "Hatchet Through Heartwood"
To kick things off with the intensity befitting their brand of metal mayhem, Naitaka has unveiled the lyric video for "Hatchet Through Heartwood." Brace yourself, because this is a track that will slice through your musical expectations like a, well, hatchet through heartwood. Prepare for a relentless assault of riffs, thunderous drums, and Cara McCutchen's vocals that can melt steel.
Naitaka is a force to be reckoned with, and their music is a journey through the untamed wilderness of metal. So, grab your battle jacket, crank up the volume, and let Naitaka lead you into the fray of their musical revolution. These Canucks are here to stay, and the metal world is all the better for it! 🤘