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Newt: A Rock Band with a Colorful Twist
About Newt:
Newt is a Rock band from the city of Chambéry. They create music that is catchy and melodic, with a voice that takes you on a journey. Their songs have a mix of pop and psychedelic elements, combining energy and sensitivity. The band is made up of two men and two women, each with their own unique influences. Their main goal is to share their music with you on stage!
The "Black Light" EP:
In 2019, Newt formed as a band. They spent time performing live and practicing in order to perfect their set of 12 original songs. Finally, in 2022, they released their first EP called "Black Light". This EP includes four songs: "Sirens," "Voices", "The Finish Line", and "La Foule". The EP was produced by Newt and recorded at Studio La Forge by Cedric Lergès. You can find it in CD sleeve format or listen to it digitally.

The name "Black Light" refers to the band's live aesthetic. The members of Newt wear fluorescent makeup that glows under blacklight. This duality is also reflected in their music, which combines dark and light elements.
To celebrate the release of the EP, Newt had a party at Brin de Zinc in Chambery. This EP has allowed the band to reach out to new contacts and networks, giving them the opportunity to perform at bigger venues and festivals.
Upcoming Concerts:
Here are some of Newt's upcoming concerts:
- November 17, 2023: Le Winefizz in La Biolle (73)
- November 25, 2023: Rockenfolie Live in Bonneville (74)
- September 30, 2023: Les Steppes in Annecy (74)
Check out some of Newt's videos:
- "Voices" music video filmed at Brin de Zinc in December 2022:
- Ticket to Jam live session in September 2020:
Newt is also involved in the Lac'réation collective, an association that organizes events in Aix les Bains. If you want to get in touch with them, you can find them on