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OSTROGOTH Re-issues: Classic Metal Hits Remastered!
Hey there, metalheads! Get ready to headbang to some awesome tunes from the past. German label High Roller Records is bringing back the classics for both young and old metal fans. They've teamed up with sound engineer Patrick W. Engel to give a fresh new sound to the back catalog of Ostrogoth, a band from Belgium. With new mastering and some audio touch-ups, their EP "Full Moon's Eyes" (1983) and albums "Ecstasy & Danger" (1984), "Too Hot" (1985), and "Feelings Of Fury" (1987) are hitting the shelves again. Whether you're new to Ostrogoth or a die-hard fan, these re-issues are definitely worth checking out!
What's New?:
One of the most exciting things about these re-issues is the improved sound quality. The remastering is top-notch, making the music sound even more powerful and intense. The instruments and vocals are crystal clear, and the mixing is on point. You'll feel the energy blasting through your speakers! Each of the four albums in this collection has been given the same treatment, so you're in for a treat no matter which one you choose.
Classic Metal Vibes:
Ostrogoth was known for their killer combination of heavy riffs and catchy choruses. Their music had a classic hard rock and heavy metal sound that was popular in the 80s. But don't worry, they've added a modern twist to their tunes, so it's not just a blast from the past. The band also took the opportunity to expand and refine their songs on the full-length albums. This means you'll get to experience a variety of musical moments, from headbanging riffs to melodic hooks. It's a metal feast for your ears!
How to Get Your Hands on Them:
If you're itching to add these re-issues to your collection, you're in luck! You can find them on CD, vinyl (in limited edition blue, red, Belgian flag colors, and standard black), and even cassette. So whether you prefer the convenience of digital or the nostalgic feel of physical copies, there's an option for everyone. Don't miss out on this chance to rock out to some classic metal hits!
Where to Find Ostrogoth:
If you want to stay updated on all things Ostrogoth, be sure to check out their official Facebook page:
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