Rich Kid Express


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Rock 'n' Roll Resurrection! Rich Kid Express Unleashes the Ultimate Hard Rock Throwback
Hold onto your spandex, fellow rock enthusiasts, because it's time to crank up the amps and revel in the glory of pure, unadulterated hard rock! Enter RICH KID EXPRESS, the brainchild of the maestro of rock himself, Rob Richardson. This one-man dynamo is about to take you on a wild, hair-flipping, arena-rocking journey with the release of his electrifying album on September 15, 2023.
Blast Off with the Lyric Video "U Never....":
Now, before you think this is just another hard rock act, hold your horses. RICH KID EXPRESS is more than just music; it's a time machine back to the glory days of glam rock in the seventies and the headbanging frenzy of the eighties. With a dash of humor and a whole lot of swagger, Rob Richardson is here to remind us all that rock 'n' roll should be about one thing: having a damn good time.
If you find yourself pining for the days when stadium anthems ruled the airwaves and hair metal was king, then RICH KID EXPRESS is your ticket to rock 'n' roll paradise. With influences that would make KISS, Alice Cooper, and AC/DC nod in approval, this is a musical journey that's guaranteed to get your heart pounding and your air guitar skills soaring.
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But it's not just about nostalgia; it's about the sheer joy of rock 'n' roll. RICH KID EXPRESS may not take itself too seriously, but it has an uncanny ability to craft infectious hooks and riffs that will have you singing along in no time. It's the kind of music that makes you want to roll down the car windows, blast the speakers, and headbang like there's no tomorrow.
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Don't miss the chance to support this hard-rocking sensation directly on Bandcamp, where you can grab your copy of the album and let the rock 'n' roll mayhem take over your soul.
Get ready, rock warriors. RICH KID EXPRESS is here to reignite your love for hard-hitting, fist-pumping rock 'n' roll. It's time to let your hair down, throw up those devil horns, and embrace the sheer awesomeness of this hard rock revival. Stay tuned for September 15, 2023 – it's going to be a rock 'n' roll party for the ages!