Skull Servant - "Pray for Blood"


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Unleash the Doom: Skull Servant Summons the Gods of Metal with New Single "Pray for Blood"
Metalheads, grab your cloaks and ready your battle axes, because the time has come to heed the call of doom! Introducing Chapel Hill's own harbinger of darkness, SKULL SERVANT, and their latest offering to the gods of metal: the bone-chilling single and lyric video, "Pray for Blood". If you're ready to embark on a journey into the abyss, then grab a crucifix and let's dive in.
Behold the "Pray for Blood" Lyric Video: Watch Now
What happens when you blend the heavy, the melodic, and a touch of the ethereal? You get the sonic potion concocted by SKULL SERVANT, a psychedelic doom metal trio that's here to awaken the primal forces lurking within the shadows. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, and Darkthrone, these conjurers of sonic sorcery are breathing new life into the world of metal.
The mystical lineup consists of Noah Terrell on bass guitar and vocals, Calvin Bauer on guitar and vocals, and Ryland Dreibelbis on drums. But don't be fooled by their new appearance on the scene – these seasoned musicians have traversed the realms of sound in previous projects such as NuCorporate, Lit Surplus, DK Unusual, and Spreadloves. Their mission with SKULL SERVANT? To craft metal that reverberates with both bone-crushing heaviness and entrancing melody.
Dive into the Cosmic Metal Odyssey:
Their most recent offering, the enigmatic EP "Astral Apothecary", unveiled on March 3rd, showcased their ability to channel the cosmos through their sound, fusing elements of psychedelic, stoner, and doom metal into an elixir that resonates with the very essence of the universe. And now, brace yourselves for the cataclysmic revelation: "Pray for Blood", the upcoming single set to descend upon us like a sonic thunderstorm on August 4th.
But wait, there's more! SKULL SERVANT is more than just a sound – it's a presence that looms across the digital realm. Explore their cryptic lairs and join their legion of followers:

Prepare to be enthralled, metal brethren. "Pray for Blood" is about to unleash its primal energy, and SKULL SERVANT is your guide to the abyss. Brace yourselves for a journey into the heart of doom, as Chapel Hill's heralds of darkness carve their name into the annals of metal history. Bow before the altar of SKULL SERVANT and embrace the darkness within!