Species - To Find Deliverance


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Species: Unleashing Technical Thrash Metal Mastery from the Depths of Warsaw!

Hold on to your battle vests and brace yourselves, my metalhead brethren, for SPECIES is here to redefine the thrash metal landscape! Hailing from the darkened heart of Warsaw, Poland, this technical thrash metal trio was forged in the fires of October 2018, and they've been making heads bang ever since.

The tale begins with a relentless storm of rehearsals that lasted mere months before the birth of their debut EP, aptly titled "The Monument of Envy". This auditory onslaught hit the streets like a sledgehammer on May 31st, 2019, setting the world ablaze with their unrelenting sonic fury. Not ones to shy away from a challenge, SPECIES celebrated this release by unleashing their metal might on the stage for the very first time in their hometown.
SPECIES draws inspiration from the annals of thrash metal history, channeling the spirit of legendary acts like CORONER, TOXIK, and XENTRIX. But their musical arsenal doesn't stop there. They also venture into the progressive rock realm, taking cues from titans like KING CRIMSON, RUSH, and YES. The result? A blistering fusion of thrash and prog that'll leave you headbanging and scratching your prog-loving noggin in equal measure.
In 2021, the band descended upon Sunstorm Studio in Warsaw, armed with their musical weaponry, to craft their debut full-length album, the sonic beast known as "To Find Deliverance". Released on August 26th, 2022, under the banner of Awakening Records, this thrash magnum opus has been dominating the metal realm for over a year now!
The band, comprised of the formidable trio:
Piotr Drobina - Vocals/Bass
Przemysław Hampelski - Drums
Michał Kępka – Guitar

Dive headfirst into the SPECIES mosh pit by streaming their full album "To Find Deliverance" right here. And if you want to be at the front lines when the chaos breaks loose, you can grab the album right now!
Stay connected with SPECIES on their Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram. For a full immersion into their metal universe, visit their Linktree.
So, metal warriors, prepare your ears for a technical thrash metal odyssey like no other. SPECIES is on the horizon, and they're poised to conquer your playlists and dominate your metal-loving souls! 🤘