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Steel Road Unleashes Their Debut EP "Highway Homicide" - Prepare to Get Riffed!
Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for a musical road trip like no other because STEEL ROAD is here to take you on a wild ride with their debut EP, "Highway Homicide". This international heavy metal ensemble was unleash a storm of riffs and rock 'n' roll mayhem that'll make your head spin faster than a vinyl record.
The Epic Convergence of Metal Minds:
STEEL ROAD is not your average metal band; they're a cross-continental powerhouse! Hailing from the hallowed lands of both Scotland and the USA, this dynamic group of musicians came together in 2020 with a singular mission: to create hard-hitting, face-melting metal anthems. And boy, did they deliver!
The lineup reads like a heavy metal dream team. We've got the Scottish brothers Calum and Keith Henderson, known for their exploits in Amok, bringing their sonic fury to the table. Joining them from across the pond is Brent Ventimiglia, the driving force behind Thrashsquatch, adding his explosive energy to the mix. Rounding out this formidable lineup is Mark Sinclair, another Scottish sensation who completes the sonic assault.
Get Ready to Rock 'n' Roll on the Highway of Homicide:
But enough chitchat; it's time to dive into the musical maelstrom that is "Highway Homicide". You can stream this electrifying EP on multiple platforms, including:
Unleash Your Inner Road Warrior:
"Highway Homicide" is the soundtrack to your inner road warrior. It's a sonic journey that will transport you to the highways of metal madness, where the throttle is wide open, and the riffs are hotter than hell. STEEL ROAD has crafted an EP that's the perfect mix of raw power, adrenaline-pumping rhythms, and melodies that will stick in your head like super glue.
Road Trip
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So, fellow metalheads, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to embark on a musical journey that'll have you headbanging in the fast lane. STEEL ROAD is here, and they're about to rock your world with "Highway Homicide." The highway to heavy metal glory starts now! 🤘