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Triskelyon Unleashes "Is Hope Still Alive?" - An Anthem for Thrashers with a Conscience
Greetings, fellow headbangers! Today, we're diving into the heavy-hitting world of Canadian power thrash with a conscience. Triskelyon, the thrash juggernaut from the Great White North, is back with their latest studio album "Artificial Insanity", which hit the streets on September 8, 2023. Now, it's not every day we get to talk about thrash metal and environmental activism in the same breath, but these guys have nailed it!
Let's talk about their latest offering, "Is Hope Still Alive?"—a track that's more than just music; it's a question about the state of our world. The song tackles the never-ending environmental degradation caused by humanity's relentless pursuit of progress. Guitarist Geoff Waye breaks it down for us: "To address the question posed by the song's title - my answer would be: No, it isn't, to be honest."

Hold on to your bullet belts, metalheads, because this is not your typical thrash anthem. Triskelyon has channeled the spirit of '80s thrash icons like Testament, Kreator, Nuclear Assault, and Megadeth, who weren't afraid to address pollution and environmental issues in their music. "Is Hope Still Alive?" carries that torch forward with a blistering riff-fest and thought-provoking lyrics.
Now, let's talk about "Artificial Insanity" as a whole. This album is a powerhouse of thrash excellence, and it's not just because of Triskelyon's founder, Geoff Waye. They've brought in some of Canada's finest metal talent to make this album shine.
With vocals from Pete Healey and a lineup that includes Amanda Jackman (Category VI), Armin Kamal (Infrared), Cara McCutchen (Mortillery, Naitaka), and more, you're in for a wild ride. Drum duties are split between Raul Marques (Burning Torment) and Alexander Raykov (Antreib), while bassists Dwayne Pike, Keith Jackman (Category VI), and Darrin Pope hold down the low end.
"Artificial Insanity" is a sonic rollercoaster, and it's not just pure thrash metal. It's a fusion of thrash classics, hints of blackened melodic thrash, and even a sprinkle of power metal from the '80s. The album keeps you guessing, and that's what makes it an exhilarating listen.
With tracks like "Tektyranny," "At War With Demons," and "Bringers of Chaos," you'll be headbanging from start to finish.
"TekTyranny" ft. guest vocals from Infrared's Armin Kamal:
"At War With Demons" ft. guest vocals from Cara McCutchen (Mortillery, Naitaka):
So, metalheads, whether you're a fan of Megadeth, Forbidden, Agent Steel, Exodus, Slayer, Testament, or Overkill, Triskelyon has got something for you in "Artificial Insanity." Don't just take my word for it; get your horns up and dive into the mayhem.
And if you want to support these thrash heroes, you can order "Artificial Insanity" from Moribund Records. Turn up the volume, and let's keep the metal flag flying high!
Stay Thrash, Stay Green, and Let the Riffs Roar! 🤘