Welcome to Pleshiwar - "Apostasy"


Upcoming Release:

Welcome to Pleshiwar Announces Debut Album "Apostasy"
The Exciting News:
Hey there, metalheads! Get ready to headbang because Welcome To Pleshiwar has some awesome news for you. After their EP in 2021, the band is now releasing their very first full-length album called "Apostasy." It's going to be epic!
About "Apostasy":
Clocking in at just shy of 38 minutes, "Apostasy" takes you on a doom-laden rollercoaster ride through the depths of hell and back. Welcome To Pleshiwar's craft is nothing short of a masterpiece, like a blacksmith forging a sword with the souls of the damned. They effortlessly blend the eerie vibes of the '90s with the relentless intensity of the modern age, creating a sound that's heavier than a lead coffin filled with anvils.
But wait, there's more! To ensure that "Apostasy" is as heavy as a black hole and as crisp as a freshly ironed battle jacket, the band enlisted the services of none other than Andy Classen at Stage One for production duties. The result? A sonic barrage that will make your grandma's fine china shatter in fear.
The Album Artwork:
As if that's not enough to get your blood pumping, feast your eyes on the album's cover artwork – a cryptic masterpiece that screams, "Enter at your own risk!" It's like a painting straight out of the Dark Ages, promising a journey that's bound to leave a permanent mark on your metal-loving soul.
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Get ready to rock out to "Apostasy" and support Welcome To Pleshiwar on their musical journey. It's going to be legendary!