Zubzero - Frostbite


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Zubzero Unleashes Frostbite EP: A Blizzard of Thrash, Hardcore, and Groove Metal!
Prepare to dive headfirst into a maelstrom of metal madness, as Dutch metal sensation Zubzero unleashes their latest sonic onslaught with the "Frostbite" EP. These metal maestros have been cranking out bone-crushing tunes for over two decades, and their latest offering is nothing short of a tempest of '90s thrash, raw hardcore, and groove metal. Buckle up, fellow headbangers, because Zubzero is about to take you on a wild, icy ride!
Comprising Lars Draaisma on drums, Dirk Draaisma on guitar, Herman Mulder on bass, and Ferdinand Wanders lending his powerful vocals, Zubzero has been a formidable force in the metal scene since their inception in 1999. With "Frostbite", they've once again proven their mettle, showing an unwavering commitment to delivering unadulterated metal mayhem.
New Day Next Punch
Fine Without You
Bomb Squad
The "Frostbite" EP is a testament to Zubzero's evolution and prowess, featuring four relentless tracks that will pummel your eardrums and leave you begging for more:
Nakam: This audacious opener delves into the eye-for-an-eye doctrine, a sonic journey that prompts listeners to ponder the corrosive effects of hate.
New Day Next Punch: A defiant anthem of resilience, this track is a rallying cry for those weathering tough times, reminding us that every new day brings a fresh punch to the fight.
Fine Without You: Zubzero's message to those who seek to drag us down is crystal clear in this track – they're perfectly fine without the negativity. It's a musical exodus, a sonic escape to "head for Mars".
Bomb Squad: Capturing the explosive energy of a Zubzero live show, this track is a musical detonation fueled by the electric synergy between the band and their frenzied audience.
In an era dominated by digital music, Zubzero stands as a living testament to the raw power of unadulterated metal. With the ability to seamlessly shift between hardcore, thrash, and groove metal, they're not just a band; they're an engine that fuels the metal scene.
"Frostbite" is poised to continue Zubzero's legacy of delivering straight-up, in-your-face metal with a foundation rooted in hardcore. It promises a unique and exhilarating listening experience for both long-time fans and newcomers to the Zubzero universe.
Join the metal revolution and connect with Zubzero:
Lars Draaisma - Drums
Dirk Draaisma - Guitar
Herman Mulder - Bass
Ferdinand Wanders - Vocals

Get ready to embrace the frosty embrace of Zubzero's "Frostbite" EP. It's a blizzard of epic proportions, and you won't want to miss this bone-chilling experience! Stay metal, stay frosty! \m/