Avenger of Blood - "Tyrants Of The Bloodlands"


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Avenger of Blood's Thrash Tempest "Tyrants Of The Bloodlands" Continues to Ravage!
Las Vegas has long been known for its bright lights, bustling casinos, and over-the-top entertainment. But there's a different kind of storm brewing in the city of sin. Avenger of Blood, the merciless thrash metal force that was forged in the fires of 2002, is back with a vengeance. Six months ago, they unleashed "Tyrants Of The Bloodlands," and the tempest shows no sign of relenting!
Avenger of Blood has a storied history in the annals of thrash metal. They were pioneers of the New Wave of Thrash Metal scene of the early 2000s, and their ferocity hasn't waned a bit. With three full-length albums under their bullet belt, including "Complete Annihilation" (2005), "Death Brigade" (2008), and "On Slaying Grounds" (2013), this band has been thrashing hard for years. They've also left their mark on various compilation albums, such as "Speed Kills... Again" (2007) and several others.
After an extended hiatus, Avenger of Blood rose from the ashes in 2020, rekindling the flames of their thrash metal legacy. Their mission: to revisit and revitalize their debut album, aptly titled "Completely Re-Annihilated." It's a full-throttle assault on the senses, proving that time has only sharpened their thrash weaponry.
Now, they've unveiled the relentless video for "Tyrants Of The Bloodlands," a track that showcases their signature aggressive style and unrelenting energy. If you haven't witnessed the sheer power of Avenger of Blood, this video is a wild initiation.
Watch "Tyrants Of The Bloodlands" here and prepare to have your face melted:
Avenger of Blood is:
Sal Lalli - Vocals
Marc Flores - Guitar
Chris Garcia - Guitar
Corey Sorrenti - Bass/Backing Vocals
Shannon Frye - Drums
Keep up with their relentless thrash assault at nolifetilmetalrecords.com, and if you missed "Tyrants Of The Bloodlands" six months ago, it's never too late to jump into the fray!